Why Cops Are Driving a ‘Game Truck’ Around New York City

Over the weekend, a New York Police Department “Game Truck” was spotted at the north end of Manhattan’s East River Park. The sides of the truck have various Marvel heroes painted on it, as well as the words “NYPD GAME TRUCK” in giant block letters. People were confused, and very skeptical. 

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When I was a kid the paranoia was that random creeps would drive around in ice cream trucks to steal kids. Now the creeps drive game trucks, and have badges.


“NYPD Game Truck” has the same cadence to me as the packaging for a knock-off Pickachu figurine my grandparents got me called ‘Electric Mouse’.

Tonight’s the night that we got the truck
We’re going downtown, gonna … play some … games?


“We’re going downtown, collecting DNA from kids!”

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