Why Did a Nazi Sonic Appear in a Sega Magazine?

Seeing an image of Sonic the Hedgehog as a Nazi wouldn’t even make me blink in the year 2022. I’ve been looking at the internet for too long to be shocked by fascist imagery or weird fan art of Sega’s beloved mascot. In a way, the marriage of the two is inevitable, a kind of Rule 34 without the sex, though you can find a sexy picture of Nazi Sonic as well if you looked.

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My guy, I was 6 in 1992 and even I knew then that Nazis were bad. Even if I couldn’t wrap my head around genocide and war crimes, they were basically the bad guy in every movie. “Naivety” is certainly one way of looking at this. “White supremacist sympathies” is another.


The fact that they were the bad guy in every movie was what led to stuff like this, I feel. The horrors of fascism were downplayed and Nazis were reduced to cartoon bad guys to the extent that slapping an armband on a character probably felt comparable to drawing devil horns on them to some folks.


I agree that Nazi’s were overused as a way to classify someone as a villain but I’m also going to point out the rest of these drawings are almost as terrible. I grew up in the 90s and was full on Sonic #1 but I would like to think Sonic hanging & shooting Mario with a decapitated Luigi in the background would have given me pause.

Glad to hear he’s at least remorseful about “Dan’s Crap Corner”. If I would have ended up in there I would have been heartbroken.


Nothing quite like the 1990s context of “not thinking of Nazis as fascist.” If only we could get rid of this woke sky.

I’m honestly baffled at how violent in general these images are. This whole magazine sounds like
a mess. Man, am I glad I didn’t grow up in the 90s.

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Real big “say what you like about Hitler, you have to agree he was a great orator” energy here.

As someone who read the Australian Nintendo Magazine, I remember every issue had a page or two of mario or turok blowing up sonic and crash, or shooting them in the head, or the like. They were mixed in with pin-up drawings of a “Nurse” character of their own design too, and drawings of characters shitting. Just a little section of gore, sex, and scat, at the end of an officially Nintendo licensed gaming magazine. Truly a bizarre piece of history.


I really do like that the drawing has arrows to clarify that, yes, that is indeed sonic.