Why Do People Care So Much About How a PlayStation 5 Looks in Their Home?

Several of us at VICE Games now have a PlayStation 5, but there's not a whole lot we can talk about just yet, especially when it comes to games. One thing we can talk about, however, is what it looks like, especially how it fits into our individual homes and apartments.

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Me, months ago seeing the PS5 design for the first time: well that’s a choice, that’ll take me some getting used.

me this month after throwing out all my broken-down street furniture and finally hanging some prints on my walls: lol absolutely not I am hiding your two-tone ass you are an embarrassment to the concept of taste


See I feel like the nice thing about a PS4, a switch, and the new Xbox’s is that you can kind of make them blend into your home media setup where as the PS5 just wants to sit proudly out there saying “Cast your eyes upon me and understand that a gamer lives here”.


Ok, I’ll cop to one aspect of the PS5’s design that I like. The All-Digital looks alright when stood vertical. The swooped out fins make it feel like a spiritual successor to the 360’s inhale, and I could totally see that next to a nice monitor on a desk. But horizontal? That thing looks so over designed, too asymmetrical, and simply looks uncomfortable on a flat surface. And that hideous bulge of the disc version? Please no.

Look, the PS5 is going to be a fantastic system. Sony is 4 for 4 with their home consoles, so I’m fairly sure it’s going to host incredible games over its lifetime. But boy is it a sad looking thing to sit in my living room.

It will still be more convenient than the Switch, which I have to keep on the floor if I want to be able to use the “switch” part of it.

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Okay so I’m not the only one who has a major problem with this. I have to be really careful about where I put it or the connection between it and the controllers goes down the drain. I have a dirt cheap wireless keyboard that works through a wall into the living room with no discernible input delay or failure but I feel like a blanket or pillow is sometimes the equivalent of a Faraday cage for the joycons. Nintendo even explicitly tells people not to put it behind a TV or within 3 feet of another wireless device because apparently even that is enough to ruin the signal which I don’t know about anyone else but my TV itself is wireless in addition to the other things hooked up to it.

I feel like the Switch dock itself should just have some nice big antenna on it for how annoying it is to place it in a location where you can dock and undock it from that isn’t the floor next to the TV stand.


Exactly, for as annoying as it would be to find space for the ps5 at least it is a one-time inconvenience whereas with my Switch it is annoying to undock and dock it where I have it. Although trying to just take the joycons off and on is even worse, honestly

Here’s the thing about the Switch dock though, yes it’s inconvenient, but it’s clearly designed that way with function in mind. A dock needs to be stable, provide some protection for the Switch itself (especially the screen), and have enough space for connection ports. The dock does all three of these things, even if it doesn’t exactly fit perfectly in a lot of people’s media setups. The PS5’s design on the other hand, is mostly driven by form over function. There’s no reason why Sony could not have done the traditional box with vent holes as far as I can tell, so the PS5 comes off as needlessly overdesigned to my eyes.