Why Do People Still Care About ‘Duke Nukem Forever’ So Much?

Earlier this month, a surprisingly complete early version of Duke Nukem Forever, the sequel to the groundbreaking Duke Nukem 3D that introduced a generation to the concept of interacting with a digital toilet that flushed, was released anonymously onto the internet. It’s a game that looks hugely different from the one that would later ship more than a decade later to much fanfare but little acclaim, a testament to the well-documented development hell—an endless process of rebooting both the game’s design and technology—the game endured. 

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I think Duke Nukem Forever is an academic curiosity more than anything else. We don’t see games in development for over a decade very often. I wouldn’t think too hard about it.

The devs keep calling it “DNF” and that really tells the whole story.

To be a PC gaming fan in the early 2000s meant reading a select group of websites, like Shacknews and Blue’s News. (Both of which are, miraculously, still around.)