Why do you buy games?


Recently I found myself buying LA Noire and Skyrim for the switch less because I actually want to play them and more because I want to support third parties on the system hoping to get more large scale games later on. Have you ever bought games for any other reason than actually playing them? What were those reasons?


I’ve occasionally supported overly ambitious Kickstarter campaigns because I wanted to see how a prototype for a larger idea works/fails and therefore didn’t care if the product was somewhat broken or incomplete. Unfortunately, those projects tend to just go silent and not show anything rather than put out a broken release, so I’ve learned not to do this as much. On the other hand, yesterday I got an email from a project that started three years ago and had gone silent and is now looking alive again, so that’s nice (that project is “That Which Sleeps”).

On a similar note, I’ll support game jam bundles (most notably Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight) to see what’s created and watch the process without necessarily intending to play all the games.


Some of the games in my library are games I’ve played already but didn’t have in the permanent collection (everything that appears on PS+ is in this category as as soon as you stop paying, it’ll all go away and one day Sony may well end the service).

If I want to go back to see how the driving actually feels in NfS Shift 1 or what was even going on in Maken X then I want to be able to reach over to my shelf and be able to do that. No barriers, no desperate ebay hunting for copies.

There’s also the “next time, but better” stuff. I played Remember Me on PS3. It was fine. When I eventually go back to replay that game, I’ll be enjoying it on PC and seeing those details in much more crisp detail. That’s really where very cheap sale prices are very attractive: buying a better version of a game I already own on a different platform.

I also have a Steam category called “Bundled” that’s for all the games I got as part of a bundle that I had no interest in/idea even existed but came as part of a good deal on buying something I did want. I guess someone on my friends and family list may want to play them one day? Who knows, maybe someone will talk about them and then I’ll be able to check them out from that recommendation.


Every once in a while I’ll buy a PC port of a console game from a long time ago that I just want to “have,” and will only plan on playing for like, 30 minutes at a time every once in a while to remind myself how cool it was. WH40K Space Marine is one of those. I bought the PC version of Cook, Serve, Delicious! with no intentions of playing much of it there since I’d already played the crap out of it on iOS.

If ports of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Video Game or Wet came to PC, I’d pick them up in a heartbeat, despite not having any plans to play them in the near future.


I tend to buy indie games, niche games, or AAA games that tried a different formula, knowing that I might never get to play them. I always “intend” to play them at some point, but my brain knows that the time just isn’t there, yet I want to show support for this cool thing that someone made. The existence of the game is more of a driving factor than the platform it’s on.

With that said, I have re-bought the Ace Attorney trilogy on 3DS despite owning them all piecemeal for your same reason. Those games need to get in front of more eyeballs.


I’m purely utilitarian in my purchases. Either I plan to play the game, which means I buy it, or I don’t plan to play it, which means I don’t. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to support games on the margins, just that I make time to play them when I do support them. With a limited gaming budget, I don’t really feel guilty about throwing money around for stuff I won’t enjoy.


I more or less only buy games I intend to play immediately. The other rare exceptions are bundles where I get extra games just because, although I usually just give those keys away, and games I already own on consoles I’ve packed up but are insanely cheap.


Same here, although I do make exceptions around Black Friday sales and others. Even then it’s only 2-3 games at a time. I’ve gotten my backlog down to a manageable level (excluding my Wall of Shame), and I’d rather not grow it again.


These days I only buy something if I intend to start playing it ASAP. If I don’t limit myself in some way I will easily go back to my old ways of buying 40+ games in a year and only playing maybe 10 of them… which i feel isn’t really responsible use of my money now that I have children.


I kind of cheat with the definition of “immediately” because if two games are on sale and I plan to play them back to back I count that. Yeah game 2 isn’t being played the moment it finishes downloading, but I let it slide. Also gift giving holidays are kind of an excuse too as I’ll usually end up getting more than one game. Doesn’t help that my birthday is right before Christmas which is also Steam sale time…


Yeah, I only buy games that I intend to play, unless it’s a bundle situation where I’m only after certain elements of the bundle. No time limit on when I intend to play – I’ve definitely done preorders once or twice, and EAs/betas a few times as well. But I’m not going to buy an individual game that I know I’m not going to play.

That being said, if we’re talking like itch.io pay-whatevers where I’m trying to browse the submissions to an event and therefore would usually not be paying, I will pay if it turns out to be finished and actually really cool, or if it’s a creator I know and want to support, or if it’s going toward a charity I want to support, or if I just feel like it.


I buy them to try and fill the empty space a cruel reality is pulling my humanity from.


Yeah pretty much same – I have lots of friends who make games so if I’m buying one of theirs I’ll frequently throw in a few extra bucks, but if I’m not going to play it I won’t buy it. I’m on too limited a budget to be throwing money around like that.


I intend to buy Cuphead and back the Session Kickstarter even though I’m not interested in playing either, I just wanna support the artistic effort.


because i want to play them


I’ll buy any game with nb representation and I also buy a lot of PC ports of games I’ve already played on console.


I buy games cause I want to support certain genres, narratives, and developers and I want them to continue to make the games that appeal to me. Moreover, i tend to buy games that have leads or important main characters of color due to the lack of proper representation of certain groups.