Why I Pre-Ordered the SNES Mini, Even Though I Hate Pre-Orders


With supplies already dried up, I maybe made the right choice—but I don't feel particularly good about it.

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I will 100% pre-order one in the states as soon as I can.


Pretty much my exact thoughts as well (though I did pre-order MK on the Switch for logistical reasons), and it was through Nintendo UK that I placed the order. The NES one would be nice to own but I doubt personally how much I would have used it. I do think this one will see a lot of use though and I felt that I had to commit to the pre-order despite the rumoured higher volume of units being produced…


I realized while reading through the list of games (again) that it’s actually a good value. I don’t own any of these games on VC, but I would like to. Each of these on their own are, what, 7.99? So buying the SNES classic is all the VC games I want at half the price. Seems like a good deal, yeah?


[sigh] yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I’m with Mike on the whole “known quantities” argument. It’s why I don’t have an issue pre-ordering many Atlus (or hell, even some Nintendo) games because they generally come out in Japan first and you can get a sense of the reactions to the game before it comes stateside. Plus, there are just some games that I feel strongly enough that I’m going to play them no matter what so I don’t feel bad about pre-ordering them.

Still, in Nintendo’s case, particularly when it comes to hardware and peripherals, I always feel really gross about it because I feel like it’s necessary at this point if I want to have a thing sooner rather than later (if at all) and not at an inflated price. I wanted to have a Switch in time for Spla2n, but I didn’t trust Nintendo would have them readily available by this summer and thus I pre-ordered it. I’m still not too happy I did that, especially since the joycons it came with have the awful lag issue (though I’ll grant that BotW did do a lot to make me feel better). It feels like I’m at the company’s mercy at times, but I guess that’s probably my own damn fault at least in part.


That was another consideration for me. I had a lot of the NES ones via my 3DS but very little SNES titles so I am excited to play them.


It’s a very good deal when compared to the VC pricing, but honestly $8 just feels way too high for most of those games to begin with, especially when you can get Mega Drive games on Steam for $3, for example (or $5 if it’s a Sonic game I guess).


Sort of a tangent, and I wholly admit to speaking out of ignorance here, but…what’s so bad about pre-ordering? Like I get how it’s essentially an interest-free loan that leaves the consumer relatively vulnerable, and I get how that in itself sounds like a pretty damning answer to my own question. But when a publisher offers extra skins or early access in exchange for upfront cash that you were going to spend anyway and a (relative) guarantee that you’ll receive the game on time? Especially if it’s a game I’m excited for (I have pre-ordered Destiny 2, for instance), pre-ordering allows me to feel engaged and invested in a game as I wait for its eventual release, and that itself is valuable to me.

I also understand that, for many people without a lot of spending cash, it’s a tough ask to spend upfront money on a game that may turn out to be bad. And for those people, they should absolutely arrive at the question “should I pre-order?” on their own terms. But for me, I don’t see much virtue in waiting for a review. I like to experience a game before reviews have had a chance to inform and drive the discussions, and pre-ordering helps me achieve that. (Side note: when I had way less money to spend on games, pre-ordering helped me budget for games properly, allowing me to drop $5, $10/paycheck to ensure I could afford a certain game, but again that’s a personal thing).

What I don’t get is the fervor behind people who insist that you should never pre-order, the kind of fervor hinted at in this article, as if should be the fault of those who pre-order that games sometimes ship broken/buggy/bad, which I don’t think is fair. I won’t pretend like I understand precisely how publishers/businesses work, but I highly doubt that offering pre-orders on games is an intentional scam perpetuated by publishers to push purposefully broken games. I want to believe that most people who work on/distribute games are doing their honest best to deliver a great product, while also maximizing profit, and the assumption that companies like EA/Ubisoft are attempting to scam people who buy games leads to a certain level of toxicity that turns me away from most gaming communities.

TL;DR - I don’t think pre-ordering is that big a deal, and everybody should arrive at that decision respective to their situation and not be shamed for it either way.


Can Nintendo please stop like. Not making their shit?

This artificial scarcity garbage is exhausting and awful. I almost want to like. Actively not buy a Switch because of it, but that’s not really a hard choice anyway because even if I had money I CANT. THERE ARE NO SWITCHES. NINTENDO YOU CAN MAKE MORE OF YOUR SHIT.


@MFJubes I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but personally I can’t stand anyone who preordered a game and expresses outrage when said game is crap. Case in point: No Man’s Sky. Plenty of people complained endlessly that the game wasn’t what the preview cycle implied it would be, but had not the self awareness to see that their blind rush to purchase it ASAP is what got them in that situation.

Basically, if anyone wants to preorder a game, go nuts. But I don’t want to hear it if it’s not as good as you wanted it to be.


I totally get artificial scarcity, but that’s because I’ve been a sneakerhead for years :blush: I’d say preordering this console is much more akin to some limited Jordans release vs. preordering a game. It’s a physical good of limited quantity and release date. It isn’t an ephemeral, digital good. Not only can you play games on it, but it’s a collectors item due to the perceived value around it.

So, yeah, preorder that thing if you can! If not, you can flip it for a modest profit. If not, then return it. Or sell it at a loss to a friend, and be a good samaratin. All around win-win in my opinion if you have the opportunity to get it in your cart.

In a perfect world, I’d like these to not be THAT artifically scarce, just scarce enough that if you didn’t get around to buying it in 2017, maybe 5-10 years from now, it would be worth something. But I’d still like to be able to buy it in the first place :grin:


I don’t blame any person for preordering stuff, but find the general preorder concept a bit distasteful because it’s effectively making money off of pure hype. No one really knows what the sequel to a game will look like, but with incentives offered it just “makes sense” to buy a new game.

Like loot boxes, it just feels like another psychological trap that publishers lay for consumers. I don’t think it’s malicious per se, but certainly manipulative for the sake of increasing sales.