Why I struggle to play watch dogs 2

Yeah, the “call the cops” and “start a gang war” powers are just a little bit overpowered. I also definitely wouldn’t consider either of those “non-lethal”. But those abilities are also very useful for causing chaos during online invasions.

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What’s funny is that it feels more in line with an idealistic young protagonist like marcus to simply feel more okay with calling the cops on someone for the greater good vs simply using a gun on them.
In general, though, there are far too many options that lead to violence. The nudle mission was exceptionally telling because all of my most common tactics ended with a gun fight in the office and it just breaks the immersion so much. It’s the batman effect. Sure, I’m not shooting anyone but come on, that bomb you set off and that car accident you caused clearly did some damage

They need to commit more to the stealth options, disguises, and so forth. I loved the setting and the tech wizardry but we could definitely do better for a sequel


I think y’all put way more thought into this game than there needs to be. I have completed Watch_Dogs 1&2 at 100% and I love them both. Even though my “Automata” achievement won’t pop in 2 and I’ve completed the mission I still had a blast.

In regards to Marcus not “fitting” the role of hacker turned killer you guys couldn’t be more wrong. They are set in a world where their and other’s freedoms are being compromised and they’re willing to kill and die to stop that.

Not sure why people still try to convince others that they’re “overthinking” a feeling they had about a video game. In retrospect, I definitely enjoyed watch dogs 2 but only after committing to a nonlethal playthrough of the game. The car theft part actually doesn’t matter as much, but I’m pretty sure both the waypoint cast were of a similar mind about how weirdly off tone it is for dedsec to be using guns in this game.

If you make a game involving techspionage and then throw in a whole friggin’ arsenal of weapons that has nothing to do with the core mechanic, you’re inevitably going to have a sense of disconnect. When the hacker crew has a look and aesthetic of “college kids take on corporations” and then have them gunning up the place, you’re going to have a disconnect. Don’t let your enjoyment of things make you so against criticism that you wake up a dead two year old thread to say we’re all just “overthinking things”