Why is nobody talking about Wolfenstein?

seeing lots of threads about other video games but, in my onion, not enough about obscure video game series Wolfenstein, whose latest instalment The New Colossus was recently released with very little fanfare as a sequel to the cult classic The New Order published in 2014.


my name is john wolfenstein. the nazis took my wife. its payback time


Real talk though, I felt like I was the only one Stan-ing for The New Order up until E3 of this year. Basically I’m trying to say that I was into Wolfenstein before it was cool.


I think it’s mostly timing? Last week was Mario which is incredible, and Assassins Creed, both of which have large fanbases.

Your right about the lack of fanfare in the run-up, most of the talk about it wasn’t about the game itself but the marketing, at least in my social media circles.

Personally I’m excited to play the New Colossus, I only played The New Order last year and enjoyed it more so than Doom 2016. Doom was glorious, but TNO had the story and characters as well. I’d play it right now if I didn’t have Mario and Divinity Original Sin 2 going on.

Aaaaand I’m in the jokey forum! Great! Welcome to Waypoint forums me! :neutral_face:


I heard this one didn’t only have even one wolf, I think that’s a bad advertisement if your game has wolf into he name but not a wolf? get it together nintendumb!

Wolves: 0
Steins: 0
Hours played: 0




OK OK OK hear me out :

Dm me for my check

Because no one wants to play SJW garbage about killing everyone with an ideology anywhere left of center.

Actually I do. I hit a fucking nazi in the nuts with an axe and it felt soooo good.

Just remembered I’m an anonymous dude on the internet in 2017 so I should prob clarify this was a joke and a doke.


hahah yeah my kneejerk reaction was to read your other posts before responding just to be sure, and I’m glad I did

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Probably because the game is just a clone of Super Noah’s Ark: The New Testament.

Castle Wolfenstein was so good!

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It turns out in fact that you can’t do that many interesting things with a Nazi and a hatchet. 2/10 game at best.

Me too friend, me too. I even liked the Old Blood!

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I bit on that hard but still hitting nazis in the face with an axe is a lot of fun

Not a bad reflex to have tbh.

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Little known fact: Wolfenstein is the name of the mad scientist. You’re talking about Wolfenstein’s monster.


Not monster. Man.

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