Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


Just a head start on a thread on Splatoon 2 (Spla2n). Post your thoughts, gameplay impressions (specially 15th public demo splafest), the battle between Pearl and Marina (Marina :heart_eyes:) and without a doubt the best pic of the game

(by @Fobwashed)


No job atm so I can’t grab Spla2n right off the bat, but it’s the first thing I’m getting once I’m employed. I liked the first one but never felt the need to pull out the Wii U, plus internet connectivity was awful for some reason, which I hope they fixed.

I’m gonna be duel-wielding those splat guns. That dodgeroll is sick.


Us Spla2n loyalists still exist.

I’m totally picking this up next week. The first game in a LONG time that I’m buying full price and I’m excited. I think I’ll miss the splatfest this weekend because I’m on a trip with people. But I’m bringing my Switch in case there’s a lull where I might play a bit :eyes:


I’ll be staying up way later than is specifically wise on Saturday in order to take part in this here Splatfest (thanks for making it a one shot from midnight-4am for Europeans, Nintendo!). I’m visiting family in New York when it comes out, and believe you me son I’m bringin the Switch with me and buying a copy while I’m there (thanks, no region locking!).


idk where in europe you are but the UK splatfest is 5pm-9pm!

as the only one of my mates who had a wiiu im really excited to finally be able to play spla2n with friends rather than sinking 100 hours into it alone as i did with the first game, im xtremely excited


Mega hyper excited for this game. Never had a Wii U and Splatoon was always the game that most made me want one. Loved the previous test fire and def taking part in the splatfest this weekend.

It’ll also be nice to have another Switch game on my shelf besides Zelda.


Wait are there separate splatfests across the globe? I’d only seen the 3 pm
PT - 7 pm PT announcement. I guess I should look at Nintendo’s German site.

EDIT: Oh right it’s 18:00 - 22:00 here. MUCH BETTER. Nearly a year in this country and I’m still not used to having to go to .de versions of sites to get actual information.


Nice! I’m glad you didn’t miss it! :slight_smile:




Pearl is the best. Fuck da haters


Just wanted to pop in real quick and say #TeamIceCream for life


I really loved Splatoon, right through that time my house was struck by lightning, frying the Wii U (among other things) and entombing the disk inside it. Splatoon 2 is this close to being a Switch-seller for me.


As near as I can tell since time zones seem to be a thing the internet and my mind is terrible at handling, Japanese splatfest starts in about three hours yeah?


Woooow the hub is amazing now the splatfest is on


Played the Japanese Splatfest just now, had a really good time! You can play in a squad during the splatfest, which is really great; the downside is that it seems solo queue was very sparsely populated. I hope folks have friends to play with! I’m gonna skip the European Splatfest since I’ll be sleeping but I’m very excited to play more when I wake up in the morning. I’ll probably be looking for squadmates in the Waypoint discord!


Just played the EU splatfest, just barely made it up to Cake Queen.
I wasn’t especially into the Splat Dualies before, but in this demo I actually figured out the thing where you like, focus your aim right after you roll, and now they might be my favourite? It feels great to Shoot a Squid, roll, and Shoot Another Squid.

I forgot how intense those 0.2% victories can get, too…


Only played a little of the previous splatoon 2 demo earlier this year (not the original Wii U game) and was thus terrible. However, I really enjoyed the EU splatfest despite my inkling woes. I even got my sister, who’s used to military FPS games, to give it try.

Also I posted this so I guess I’m a squid kid now?


Okay, dumb question. How do I make one of those drawings? I can’t find anything in the menus!


If your asking where to make post it the red mail box between the weapon shop and clothing store. As to how to do them I have no clue, people are really good.


As @Metalsnakezero said, there’s a red post box. When facing the battle tower (the stage during splatfest) it’s on the left of it near the tower. The touch screen on the switch console is activated for it, so I just used my finger (though straight lines are probably better with a controller). Wish I could use a stylus but it’s capacitive touch only.