Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


I wanna do it as well but the grind seems intense so I’m just gonna rely on luck for now until I get some more money.


Yeah see I literally have no interest in any of that. I change weapons so often I don’t even know what abilities I would want overall. I mean it’s cool that stuff is all there, it’s just not something I get involved with.


There are only a few abilities I hope and try to get in my clothing slots. Generally anything that makes me faster either as a squid or an inkling or even lets me more easily maneuver over the opponents inked ground. The other is any hiding abilities. Hiding your movement when you are swimming through ink or hiding your landing location when you super jump. There is nothing worse than spawning, jumping to a friend and getting splatted immediately when you land.
Shortened time to re-spawn is also nice.


That’s fair!

I still don’t have enough for anything despite scrubbing and winning chunks in Salmon Run, haha.

I suppose the fastest way again is to increase the chance of getting a certain secondary by drinking the relevant shake from Crusty Sean (provided you’ve managed to get the food ticket you want).

… man, this really is complicated!


Got a nice haul in Salmon Run.

The team managed 53 golden eggs and ~2500 power eggs.

Made it to the 7th reward by the time I stopped, and ended up with 4K + Hat + 4K + 16K + 32K + Meal Tickets + Ability Chunks.


Nothing quite as satisfying as laying down the track for your buddy with the Rainmaker, calling them over and watching them follow that track straight to the goal. Assists feel so triumphant, like your team’s crazy plan actually came together. Probably why Salmon Run feels so good even when I’m stuck with some weapon I hate.


Oh my


Having some strange thoughts about this D:


I’m enjoying playing the game but I find the Nintendo-like solutions to partying up entirely frustrating. I got the game in order to play with a few of my friends, and the game seems dead-set against making this possible. I don’t really want to have to grind through ranked mode before I can play with my friends in league mode, and I want to play with two other people so we can’t do that anyway. The salmon run stuff looks cool but with all the weird schedule stuff it’s basically like trying to arrange the game entirely around one additional person.

TBH I’m feeling very tempted to just trade the game in and get something else.


Same. I don’t like either, but I don’t want to miss splatfest rewards, so idk


Woah, there’s a Superfresh? Now I have to revisit my favs to get them up there, thanks for the tip. I think it’s a great system that’s been encouraging me to mix up my loadout. Something’s gotta get me away from these Jet Squelchers…


One thing I’ve been wondering about: what’s fair game here? Mayo is a way better ingredient than ketchup. Mayo-based sauces are amazing, but is that going against the spirit of the whole thing? Is this strictly supposed to be plain mayo vs plain ketchup?

I’m so torn and this is destroying my life


i thought of it like this: if you had to have just a tiny bit of either on its own, which would you prefer? for me it was easily ketchup


I’m extra conflicted because the only condiment I like is BBQ sauce. But, coming from eastern North Carolina, I’m team vinegar-based bbq sauce over mayo-based bbq sauce. On the other hand, ketchup makes we want to vomit, so I’m holding out for a viable third party candidate.


Team Lexington sauce


Oh my God

This Splatfest… I just… Spla2n got dark.

Why couldn’t it be Ketchup v Mustard



I feel like the versatility and applications of mayo are fair to consider here. Denying mayo its multitude uses would be like denying ketchup the hot dog—it is not right to remove one side or the other from its advantages on a partisan basis.


The next Splatfest should be Pineapples: On Pizza or Not On Pizza.


They did that in the original game!

There’s even a reference to it in this one.


Oh geeze I guess that shouldn’t surprise me. I loved the first one but didn’t play it as much as I probably should have.