Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


Does wearing the Splatfest shirt get you anything? Do you have to wear it to participate?


Yeah the game forces you to wear it for the duration of the Splatfest. Scrubbing the shirt for chunks costs 2000 instead of 20,000


Taking this into account, I am Team Mayo. Splatting all that mayo ink everywhere feels wrong.


This splatfest has been more of a shitfest for me, heh. Horrible connection issues I haven’t felt since the first Splatoon, I’ve only been playing other Ketchup players 6/10 times, and the grind for King/Queen can very much be felt. 2 points for a loss just isn’t enough. On top of that I dunno if it’s just me but my team has been getting trounced over and over again.

Shouldn’t be this salty over a children’s videogame but today was kinda garbage so I was hoping the splatfest would help pick it up. :<


Made it to Tomato Jam Queen.

Man, my Ketchup Power has takena beating a few times.

My team has lost to a lower power team a few times and Splatfest power just tanks if that happens, haha.

I guess I’ll put some more time in tomorrow too.


One hour remains until Splatfest begins in the EU. I hope to claim many powerful mayo crowns.


Yep, the color is just as gross as I expect.


The only way these colours could be worse if it was Mustard v Ketchup.

e: Now that I think about it, Mayo v Mustard would be extremely gnarly and uncool.


Anyway to track which side is winning a live Splatfest?


I love this color combo. It’s so gross and fun.


I remember discussing colors during the first Splatoon and which colors shouldn’t/wouldn’t ever be done. White/eggshell and red were probably the top two, so it was funny to see them used in the very first proper Splatfest of Spla2n. Nintendo’s going extreme right out of the gate and I love it. Hope every Splatfest going forward has colors so closely tied to the themes.


I don’t think so; I think they want to keep people in suspense until the end and encourage them to keep working, rather than getting disheartened halfway through because they lag behind in sheer numbers, wins, or team wins (which are the three categories).

Mayo won in Japan earlier today because they started first.


Mayo itself won I’m guessing because mayo is used way more in Japanese dishes, as opposed to ketchup which I only ever saw in omurice while I was there.


Shifty Station is a really cool map. The moving platform is a nice way of changing flow when getting around the map with small shortcuts for getting behind the other team.


The only thing I would change about Shifty Station is that the current configuration feels a little too big on the stationary platforms on the south-east/north-west sides of the map (i.e. directly right of each team’s spawns). It’s a lot of area to ink up early. It feels pretty cool, especially with the space background?

(P.S. I love Moray Towers in the night like nothing else :purple_heart:)


Splaverse pics


Congratulations to Team Mayo. :expressionless:

I tried my best for Team Ketchup but it was not enough. Made it to Queen with my highest Ketchup Power at ~2143 (I think I finished at ~2070).

Have made it to A in Splat Zones and am only one win away from A in Rainmaker. Tower Control still remains at A- somewhere, haha.

Getting there!


I’m really curious at what’s happening behind the scenes in terms of team matchmaking and scoring. I was on ketchup and competed against mostly ketchup players for the duration of the splatfest. Is Marina’s popularity her/our downfall?


iirc this was a problem in the first Splatoon as well. The side that had more members ended up in a lot of games against their own side, leading to a lot of battles that didn’t actually count toward the final numbers. The less popular team mostly ended up winning. Best strat for being on the winning side is picking whichever you think is going to be less popular I guess.


I don’t think being on the less popular side gives you an advantage, since Splatfests tend to be judged on a best-two-out-of-three basis. If you’re the most popular, you only need to win more team matches or solo matches to claim the throne overall. I think the best advice is, well, to just play as well as you can and try to boost your numbers.