Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


Woahhhhh, I am in awe of your power. What weapons are you using? Any abilities you find particularly good? I’ve been pretty basic ability-wise, looking for Ink Recovery and Ink Saver (Main) just to stay active longer.


Yeah, but in this case it seems like ketchup vs ketchup matches don’t count towards the overall score. Having a smaller team like mayo did gave them more opportunities to compete against ketchup, whereas large parts of the ketchup pool ended up competing against each other and played few against mayo.

It’s bizzare to me. :thinking:

I mean unless there were just that many unskilled players on ketchup lol


As a mayo player, I will, of course, say that the undisciplined ketchup masses stood no chance against the elite mayo corps.

Seriously speaking, while a higher proportion of mayo players got into ‘competitive’ (i.e. ketchup v mayo) matches, those mayo v ketchup games were still all to play for, if that makes sense? The same number of competitive games happened for both sides, they just tended to go in mayo’s favour. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the numerical underdog is more likely to win (because one of the three categories analysed is still sheer popularity, so they only need to win more solo or team games), it just puts a higher weight on those individual games.

That said, it does mean you’ll feel like you’re having a better time if you’re running with the underdogs, because you’re getting into more of those competitive games and helping Pearl win.


Folks the Splatfest is just for fun; the win-rate on both sides is so close to 50% that it is basically random noise. Ketchup had the overwhelming majority of the votes and got a 1 on the scoreboard, which honestly gives them an advantage going into the overall score. The results of the matches is so close to 50% that at any given Splatfest can tip one way or the other at random, and it just so happens that both solo and team games tipped in favour of Mayo this time.


Haha, thanks! :sweat_smile:

I think it was mostly just that I lucked into winning all my placement matches and started high to begin with!

In Turf War I generally use guns (?) with a high rate of fire (so Splattershots, Aerospray, N-Zap, Splash/Sploosh-O-Matic, Dualies).

Though I like experimenting*, too, as I’d like to be reasonably proficient with most weapons (helps in Salmon Run, haha).

Ability wise, yeah, Ink Recovery and Ink Saver (Main) and throw in some stuff like Quick Respawn and Last Ditch Effort.

*except with rollers, which I despise (because I cannot for the life of me use them well).


I’m with ya, and the difference between how many Super Sea Snails you get for being in whatever team is so small as to be almost negligible.

I guess it’s just for internet bragging rights, haha.


spoiler-ish glimpse at the future of Spla2n on Reddit. Some datamined info on upcoming maps, weapons and something pretty exciting.




cutie octoboys!


Just thought I’d mention this since it’s definitely relevant to the thread. Gigi D.G. has been doing Splatoon fanart on her twitter and it’s all extremely good.


Squidkids don’t age right? They stay kids forever in canon.

There are no squids with killer racks outside of the fanart.




I’m refusing to look at the leaks.

I won’t do it.

I… Will… Not… :persevere:


Splatfest a bit of a nightmare for me. Would fill up “my” team immediately but the game would take ages to populate the opposing team. Had to give up numerous times and, whilst I know I am in the minority, I am firmly in the “I have five minutes here, give me two bloody rounds of the game please” and this weekend it was frustrating to get games.

And then when I did get one (after the event had finished) four times I had scores similar to the below. I am not very good, my team-mates don’t seem to be even trying:


Were you on Team Ketchup? The Splatfest always fills your team first before looking for an opposing team. If your team won the popular vote (especially by a long way), it can fill up very quickly and then have difficulty finding an opponent. If it can’t find one, it will eventually move on to providing a same team vs match.
This might not explain all your issues, but it can exacerbate them.


Yeah I was Ketchup and when I saw the popularity result I did wonder if there were just far less people on Mayo. Was just very frustrating as I get very narrow windows to get a round or two in. Like each time my team would be an instant fill, and every single time the opposition would be a minute or more or it would just time out.

Kinda wonder if next time I try to figure out the popular side, and then go against that to ensure I get games quickly.


All the true killers were on Team Mayo, because true killers fight for Truth and value our precious gremlin rappers they found in the dumpster (Pearl rulez okay) . It’s why our victory was so good and pure and righteous.

I won’t hear this nonsense about ketchup’s popularity (or more accurately, Marina’s popularity) somehow hamstringing team ketchup, because Ice Cream pretty decisively won the last Splatfest.


Oh I don’t think it has any bearing on the results, as that is just based on actually matches played. It was just, as a Ketchup player, a massive pain in the backside to actually get a match.


RAT BABY! RAT BABY! RAT BABY! i love marina and my gremlin rat child from the dumpster


Oh yeah don’t get me wrong Marina rules, but she’s no rat child from a dumpster.