Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


So from the logo and the dialogue, Shifty Station was Marina’s stage right?

If so, what kind of fresh hell will Pearl subject us to??

(I liked shifty station, though it was frustrating to mess up the platforms and then be stuck as the other team swing back in the last 30 seconds)


Because that would be terrible. Clearly SplaTWOon is the solution.


I think it being Marina’s stage is more because she seems to be into engineering-y stuff, and also the stage is in octo valley- the skybox is projected onto monitors and stuff like in singleplayer


Pearl has really grown on me. She danced very enthusiastically during the Inkopolis concert and I like her little gremlin face.


@padraic_padraic Makes me feel like playable octos are even more likely!


The speculation I’ve seen around Shifty Station is that it might be in a kettle, but I’m not really sure what that means for the Splatoon lore.


Ohh I hadn’t clicked the kettle / Octo valley connection at all! I really ought to crack in to single player, I’ve not even finished the second zone.

@eightbitsamurai The final splatfest is octolings Vs inklings, winners are the protagonists of Splatoon 3?


A Rank in all modes :triumph:

I’ll be happy if I can get to A+.


So is leaving giant portions of a map uninked some new kind of tactic I’m not aware of, or what? Because I feel like I’ve been getting easy wins because everyone’s fighting over one area and leaving giant portions completely clean. I’m not complaining about the easy wins, but still…


I have been seeing it a fair bit recently. No idea what people are thinking but like you I am picking up lots of “points” just by looking at the map with 30 seconds to go and heading to the inevitable grey area.


So, I’d like to think there is method at play (but there probably isn’t!).

What a lot of “pro” players do is push forward early and then in the last 30 seconds to minute or so will ink the area near their spawn to build up their special and then unleash it right near the end of the match thus securing victory! (or something like that haha)


For me:

Stage one, ink on the way to the center asap.

Stage two, focus on the center

Stage three, grab the last bits we miss the first few go arounds, sneak around and ink some more

It’s more useful to cover the other team’s ink then it is to go for empty spots. Empty spots are good yes, but second-to-second it’s just better to get rid of the other team’s ink.

At least, that’s how I see it.


This is what I constantly see now. People rush forward, don’t ink any of the spawn beyond what is immediately in front of them, get splatted immediately, and then repeat. Meanwhile the other team gets in, inks our spawn, and then it’s just like 2 minutes of constantly trying to undo what the other team does while they just pick us off.


I’m pretty similar to you.

I ink a pretty decent path on my way to the centre area, do some work there, make some sorties deep into enemy territory and on my inevitable (most of the time) respawn I take care of what my team has missed back on the way to the centre/bad guy side.

Works pretty well for me!

I’ve seen the opposite too, though, people inking every tiny little blank space.

You’re absolutely right in that it’s more advantageous to be cover/recover more of the enemies ink than spend entirely too long covering the tiny little bits in corners.

It’s all fun though. :grin: (I save my salt for Ranked, haha).


Oh, and for those interested in what high level play is, here’s the G7 Splatoon 2 competition finals:


the “get immediately to the centre, ink the spawn later for special build up” is a good tactic in ranked, not a clue why people do it in turf war, when getting to the middle first has very little purpose in a game mode that can get turned around in literally the last ten seconds of the game


Just dipping in and out and they seem super-quick, but guess they have the movement perks etc.

Has anyone settled on one or two weapons that they are mostly using? I started using the tri-slosher last night but I seem to run out of ink almost constantly with it (which I am sure would be rectified with certain perks but that involves a level of detail I can’t really be bothered with when i am playing for 10 minutes every day)


In Turf War, I usually emphasise making sure that the team is splitting up properly to roughly coat sections of the approach to the middle. This can be harder with some weapons than others, but making sure you have a solid ink foundation to build the rest of your game off (including flanking opportunities) is super helpful. The middle can be flipped through a handful of team battles/splats, so unless you’re vastly outplaying (or outnumbering) your opponents, you want the safety net of your side routes.

Basically, I’m more of a Marina than a Pearl in this regard.

As for weapons, I’ve settled into the Jet Dualies and the Tri-Slosher. I’m always willing to try out new things (I always try to push up to Fresh), but I feel like I’ve dabbled with all the guns I might like so far, except potentially the Splattershots. I’m still using sticks, so chargers probably aren’t for me, and I struggle to wrap my brain around blasters.


I think I’m largely done with the game, unfortunately - because it’s fun. I’ll be interested in Splatoon 3 if they stop gating absolutely every aspect of the experience in bizarre and limiting ways, but I’m not hopeful.

I get why they made the decisions they made. But I’m also busy at least 2 nights of every week and often on weekends too, and so when I just have to hope that on the 3 remaining nights I have when I’m in the mood for Splatoon that they’re running levels/modes I like at the time I can play. And that maybe I’ll get to organise an online co-op game one day it’s time to consider if all those considerations are worth it when there are other games to play.

This quote earlier resonated:

…another person who absolutely refuses to compromise.



I change. A lot, haha.

Though I rarely, rarely touch rollers or chargers.

Currently using the regular Splattershot in Ranked, but often use the Tri-Slosher or Rapid Blaster.

Turf war is where I generally mess around with weapons (even trying those dreaded rollers and chargers) but I still prefer guns with a high fire rate.

It’s just fun to mess around in turf war, and I might get a better handle on weapons that could show up in Salmon Run.