Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


I do like the random weapons of Salmon Run. i can be a hero one wave, and then awful the next.

I will continue with the Tri then and work on the running out of Ink issue.


If you’re running out super quickly, look at using gear that has Ink Saver (Main) and Ink Recovery Up.

Should keep you in the fight a bit longer!


I struggle with Salmon Run’s random weapons, since the difference for me between a weapon I’m good at one I struggle with (Heavy Splatling, Chargers, Blasters to an extent) is such a wide gulf that I feel like my teams really start hurting if I’m struggling with a Charger when we need someone to be splatting those bosses.


Despite being awful with a number of weapon types, I’ve come to love the randomized selection of Salmon Run. It adds a heightened level of panic and fear as things heat up. Plus it forces me to slowly learn how to properly use each item in the game.
Except… at night… I can’t handle that pressure


I like to establish good battlelines early. I think it’s valuable. wherever your ink is on the ground you have an advantage and vice versa also most maps have high ground in the center which is valuable for controlling movement through the area. generally what I do is I race to the center and lock that down and then either fall back or die and respawn and then start filling in our side. I figure whatever’s near the base, whatever is behind the frontlines really, is going to be easy pickings and can be inked whenever, better to capitalize on the contested territory before the enemy can gather full strength.

I’m not saying it’s The only way to play it, for all I know my strategy hinges on having some teammates who advance more slowly to reinforce me at the center when I start flagging and keeping me from being away from the fray for too long filling in holes in our territory. but broad strokes that’s generally what I do and why.


Much of the current conversation is discussed in this guide written by a Splat 1 tournament player:


Keep in mind that this was written for the first game, so things like maps, specials, subs, abitlities, etc. may be out-dated, but the general concepts still apply. What I (and the author) would like to point out is that these concepts apply to any of the game modes; not just turf war or the ranked modes. It is quite long and was designed to be a comprehensive primer for people interested in competitive or high-ranked play, so keep that in mind when reading.


Yeah I think I need to ditch the tri-slosher. I guess it does give you kills even when you are not accurate, but even with refil perks I find myself out of ink a lot and just waiting to recharge.

I seem to be finding the aerospray one way better than all the rest in terms of results. odd in a way as I don’t see it get talked about much, but also good as people do seem to have a wide variety of favourite weapons rather than one being the default “best”.

Up to level 16 now, will see what weapon that gives me.


Nice. I always rock the aerospray in turf war. The amount of ink it sprays and distance it pulls makes you cover so much in a super quick amount of time.


I love the aerospray. I’ve seen some people refer to it as the baby gun of the game and like…whatever, lol. It’s super effective and fun to use.


Aerospray puts down a lot of turf, but with its short range and 5-hit splat, it’s not very useful in the ranked modes, which may be why you don’t hear about it much. Tri-slosher on the other hand has a huge 2-hit splat hitbox and can hit people around corners, making it an amazing weapon in the ranked modes where players are often concentrated in specific locations. This article briefly touches on the early dominance of Tri-slosher in ranked modes: https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/07/what-pros-think-after-a-week-with-splatoon-2/


Yeah I think it is certainly because I play mostly Turf. Just gone back to Aero and finished top in the last six rounds, it seems very well suited for that mode. I will delve back into Ranked at some point, just my first two experiences with it were not much fun.


Idk what it is about Starfish Mainstage but I can never get a win on that stage. I’d estimate like a 5% win rate on a there. They’re usually not close either, just complete destruction for my team. Any stage specific tips for that one?


For Turfwar or Ranked Battles? For Ranked I usually start by going straight for the center and use the little obstructions on the stage and then get up high on one of the four corners surrounding the stage.
If I’ve pushed the other team back far enough I’ll go up on the middle raised platform just beyond the main stage. There is a board blocking visibility from the opponent’s side so they have to go around to get a good shot in you. Keep your peripherals in mind and you should be in a great position to pick off most anyone trying to get by. I mostly use the Jet Squelcher.
It’s not my favorite map though… and I’m sure there are better strategies.


Starfish is a stage that has interesting flank routes, and the elevation changes in the map can make it very difficult to retake centre once the enemy team has established their high ground positions. Learning the flank routes to get high ground or effectively using bombs/specials to push them off their perch is important.


Had some really good times in Salmon Run last night.

Thought the weapon selection was pretty great.

I’ve made it to 90/99 in Profreshional, and when we won we managed ~65 golden eggs.

Heaps of fun!


Interesting, I was coming in to post the opposite! I actually managed to grab a spare hour and had eight or nine rounds I think. Four of them were with only three players, which resulted in defeats (one on the final wave which was, admittedly, very exciting) and two of which had that enemy that seems to spawn loads of enemies and I was stuck with a slow firing weapon and died each time, as did team-mates and we wiped.

Just a bit frustrating so I switched back to Turf War and had a blast with the AeroSpray again.

What’s the deal with the Bonus stuff on Salmon Run btw? I got given two identical shirts, both of which seemed useless, though I guess I scrapped one for chunks. I really should start using those I guess!


Nintendo released summer wallpapers for the game: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/wallpaper/Summer_2017/


Not happy with my paintroller experience. It feels too slugish when trying to attack while my burst shooter skills are greatly improving with comebacks during Rainmaker. Tower control starting to get into tight matches with the win coming to a single point.


The carbon roller is a lot snappier, but the real way of attacking with a roller is to use the flicks rather than trying to roll over someone. Also make sure to use the vertical flicks by hopping then flicking in midair. You get really good range that way, and (at least at my level) people get caught off guard by it.


I’ve definitely seen people flicking with the roller more, which has forced me to reevaluate my “dance up to them and try to get behind before they run me over” strategy :wink: