Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


There is a monthly reward in Salmon Run. it’s the hat now?

As the rewards reset each run, every hat you earn can theoretically have a different main ability, so you can choose to keep whichever one you like better.

I guess next month it’ll be shoes.


So does the reward bar go up over the month, if I don’t collect? Or does it reset after the end of the single 24 hour Salmon Run set (in which case I don’t need to worry about bonuses as I do like four runs every 24 hours).


It resets after each 24 hour shift. Duplicates of the 200p bonus can be traded in for cash which is a nice perk!


I basically get just above the first reward bar in 24 hours, oh well, at least I know not to worry about the rewards!


Are there modes of Salmon Run that are only accessible when you reach a certain level? I just played a set that included a night round featuring a special weapon that I’d only seen in the single player game. Maybe it’s just coincidence and I need to play more Salmon Run but it was a welcome surprise.

The weapon I’m speaking of is the cannon you jump into as a squid. It was a sort boss rush where tougher enemies and multiple bosses appeared in droves and there was no option but to use the cannons and let everyone not in a cannon collect the golden eggs.


Yeah, the higher your paygrade, the more modifiers are thrown at you.


Ouch, shocking 4-5 rounds of Turf this morning. Comfortably first in my team each time but the rest either just run up the middle and die continuously, or they disconnect.

Think I am at the point of giving Ranked a proper go. I don’t mind losing but it’s been like 25% or less ink coverage in each game which is a bit depressing to look at!

Was listening to a Kotaku podcast and the guy on there was running the Sploosh, Run speed up, Swim speed up and Ninja Squid. Going to give that a run out and semi-retire the Aero!


That build is specifically used for sharking/flanking and getting the splats, in case they didn’t elaborate on why exactly they were using that weapon/ability combo.


He mentioned something along those lines, that he would use it to get behind and then pop up on people and get them that way. Seems a very different use to the Aero so it will be interesting to try. If it is splat focused then I guess I should go for Ranked more than Turf then, which is the way I was headed anyway.


Been using the regular Splattershot a lot now and love it. Much easier to get splats with while still inking a lot. Aerospray was my previous go to but I just kept finding myself not able to battle my way out of bad positions with it.


Thing with the Aerospray is that if you miss that ONE out of the 5ish shots needed for a splat you’re done, donezo, donion rings, etc. I also enjoy the Splattershot and especially the Splattershot Jr.


Ok, gonna add Splattershot to the list of must-try’s. Actually need to save some cash up as I kept buying random clothes via the App so am broke again.


I don’t have gear appearing in the shops anymore haha.

I want to try using a Nozzlenose. I don’t see them used much so it’d be cool to learn.


Sound like real life :smiley:


I’m sort of surprised people are skipping the splattershot because it’s available to buy at level 2, haha. Did everyone just stick with the splattershot jr until they hit the level that aerospray unlocked at?


Could well be. Is there a major difference between the two Splattershots?


they have different sub and special weapons; burst bomb + splashdown on the regular, splat bomb + inkjet on the tentatek.


Cool, I might make sure I have both and give them both a fair go.

Got about 10 rounds done with the Splattershot Jnr and it feels really good. The Ink Armour I feel his helping me as well. Getting a lot of splats and decent coverage as @SabuhtoothAlex and @eightbitsamurai say above. Feels nice to not rely on the Aero to be any good.


The great debate resumes… I’m not sure where I stand on this yet.


Flight cause invisibility is for bad people.