Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


invisibility bc imagine how much less anxious you’d be about literally anything if you were invisible.


I need to try and get a measure of the popular answer and then go the opposite. Not having the same issues as last time thankyouverymuch.

Would choose Flight normally though, obviously.


Ooh this is a really good one. It’s gotta be Flight, every time.

I once listened to a This American Life piece which insisted that deep down, everyone really wants to choose invisibility and I couldn’t disagree more.
[Edit: Guess I’m Team Pearl this time around then?]


my gut says Team Flight, but you have spoken directly to my soul and I may have to think about this.


See the argument that invisibility would be good for people with anxiety ignores the fact that flight would let you get the fuck out of there rather than hide. Flight all the way, man.


This is a tough one but think I flight is the way to go. On the other hand it’ll probably be more popular so if it’s anything like the first splatfest it’ll be the losing side.


actually the more I think about it the more I realize that anxiety and invisibility would just mean I would be invisible forever. flying on the other hand seems incredibly fun and I would be able to cross heights off my list of fears.


The thing is, the idea of flying feels inherently fun in a way that merely evading being seen does not.


Flight will be the new Ketchup. Congrats to Invisibility for winning (and, fittingly, for Flight players saying they can’t find the Invisible ones).


I guess I choose flight. Sorry, Marina.


im going hard for invisibility bc then i could live out my true life mantra


Couldnae deal with the inevitable restrictions that come with flight. Governments would crack down on that shit as soon as they get the chance. Invisibility, however, is a power that exists to evade such controls.

Plus I’m a nosy git.


… and I’ve made it to A+ in all Ranked modes.

Now the push for S. Though I’m pretty happy with this haha.


Another Splatoon 2 tournament on right now:

The spectator tools they put in the game actually make it really really fun to watch (provided the person controlling it knows what they’re doing haha)

Lol. Today’s just finished. Top 8 tomorrow.


LGBTQ support!


Here we go, a pretty big balance patch is hitting soon: https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/27028

In addition, a new multiplayer map (Manta Maria) and new Salmon Run map (Lost Outpost) is being added. A new special weapon, the bubble blower, will also arrive later. This stuff was announced at Gamescom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBQMfvJaXTI


I’ve been waiting for a weapon that had the bubble blower.

The new maps look rad, too.



Yeah that pirate ship level looks pretty cool, hopefully it plays well. Seems like a good level of content coming out for it, similar to ARMS (though I dropped that game pretty early).


Poor ARMS.

Spla2n came along and stole any momentum it had, haha.

Nice to see Ninty is still supporting it though (new confectionery clown character!).