Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


I say it bad scheduling of release dates plus how Arms lack feature depth compare to Spla2n. Also Fighting games have a hard time getting players in.


i haven’t touched ARMs since Spla2n came out, but I have no regrets getting the game. I’ll jump back into it every now and again in the future I imagine. I’ve never been one for fighting games anyway, so my continued interest in the game, however casual, is a testament to its design and mechanics.
And while Spla2n certainly eclipsed ARMs’ momentum I don’t think it could’ve hoped for a better release schedule. Following up E3 with the fantastic ARMs competitive matches really paved the way for a completely new IP. Spla2n probably should’ve come out a little later maybe, possibly beginning of August even, but even still… I’m curious to see if it has any lasting power in the competitive world, it is fairly entertaining to watch.


I think I may be done with the Salmon Run. The last 12 times now we have wiped as a team, so I am getting no benefit out of it at all, just frustration. Not sure what has happened to get these groupings but there is only so much “you have literally got nothing out of this” I can take!


Does you’re frustration come from being matched up with people who are playing poorly, or is it just losing?

I ask because I have only re-entered non-indie gaming and have been a bit overwhelmed by the amount of ever increasing numbers in games. It seems like numeric and loot rewards have become one of the main, if not the central driving factors in games for many people. Which I can sort of understand, it gives a sense of progress, but really it seems like a very hollow way to interact with games since it doesn’t actually change the way you interact with the game itself but instead places an abstract treadmill over what should be a play experience. Jason Schreier of Kotaku really levied this complaint at Splatoon 2 in the Splitscreen podcast because he said it felt like just having fun with the game didn’t give him meaningful progress like playing Destiny and grinding for loot did which struck me as kind of sad more than anything. This seems like mmo design creeping in to places it shouldn’t exist.

Again, not trying to assign that motivation to your statement, it just brought the topic to my mind.

Tl;Dr Splatoon 2 is fun and destiny sounds like something out of a dystopic consumerist hellscape where people obsess over meaningless digital baubles instead of playing a game while it’s fun and quitting when it isn’t.


I kept playing Splatoon 1 long after they added any new content so naw, I’m in it for the fun gameplay, not any sense of reward. New maps and weapons are exciting but it’s not like they lock that away behind any other progression, I don’t think. (Pretty sure new DLC weapons aren’t level gated, but I can’t be sure since I’m above level 30 now so I’ve unlocked everything).


I wonder if this would get taken down if I tried to post it in Splatoon.


The kind of people who are playing Splatoon at Noon PST on a Thursday are some stone cold murderers.


I hit S rank across all three modes and joined a Splatoon team for tournaments and stuff :v: Next goal is to get 2000 power in league mode

Also at some point maaaaybe I’ll think about finishing the single player


Awesome work!

I’ve been to afraid to hop back into Ranked since hitting A+ in everything lol.


I recommend hitting up some twin league to get the ranked match experience without the stress of dropping your rank, and you can play with a buddy too :slight_smile:


I think in Salmon Run specifically I am trying to win, so people moving around with an egg with seemingly no intention of depositing it, or painting a part of the map miles away from where the rest of us are getting swamped, is a bit frustrating. So I think for that particular part of the came it’s a combination of the two.

For other modes I care less, though realising 20 seconds into a regular battle that you are just a team of three, and therefore have zero hope of doing much, is a bit frustrating. I like to level up, but I am about 23 now and the gains per round are so minimal (even with a win) and I play like three rounds a day then I stopped really caring about the next level pretty early on. I would like to try more weapons out, but to be honest I enjoy using about four of them, all of which I got early on, so it’s not as if I am using anything I got from say level 15 anyway.

It’s the only online shooter I have played for more than an hour since Infinite Warfare I think, so it must be doing something right!


I’d need someone to play with first haha.

I haven’t ranked down yet, so maybe I’m just being too hard on myself.

I can do this! :triumph:


Who ready to fly away this weekend?


Not going to do much sadly, weekends are bad timing for me. Will be interesting to see of this one has the same issues as last time (lop-side numbers on one side etc).


My friend list is split 44 for flight and 24 for invisibility so far, sooo that’s actually worse than last time, as far as my friend list is concerned (I think the final split for the last splatfest in my friend list was 38 Ketchup vs 28 Mayo)

I guess Invisibility is the go-to choice for folks wanting faster match-making this time around.


Team Flight checking in. Played 10 games earlier, 7 of which were against Team Invisible. So seems like, anecdotally at least, the teams might be closer this time? Maybe Flight has a bit more since I still got matched up against them a few times. Anyone having trouble getting into games against the opposite team?


Solo matchmaking went pretty smoothly for me, but trying to find teams for matching was a struggle. We played 3 matches as a team then suddenly the game decided it didn’t want to find any more for us. Spent maybe 10-15 minutes just rotating different lobby hosts to find a match but nope.



The best one I’ve seen (and I think forgot to take a photo of) was “so you see some gangsta dissing your fly girl”.


Flight wins! Also…

Damn Pearl, don’t need to rub it in.