Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


2 for 2 in Splatfests. Can’t hold all these dang snails.


Pearl is fucking SAVAGE


I didn’t play a single match in the end for this event. Sounds like it ran better though which is good. Mind you, I didn’t even know what Snails did until Thursday so guess I haven’t missed out on all that much rewards-wise. Another plus for this game!


Only needing one snail to add a slot to gear is great! Now I can rock my Wet Floor tee and my Yeezys all day :sunglasses:


https://twitter.com/eRonin/status/904691398619799552 woop woop hit my first S+

I’m so close with the other two modes but my bar keeps cracking when I’m 1-2 wins away haha. Should get it within the next few days!


Now that I’m on the losing side of a Splatfest, rest assured that my lawyers will be in touch to investigate reported irregularities in the Splatfest matches &c &c.


Big update hitting this Thursday apparently. Rabbids and No Man’s Sky have grabbed what little game time I have had, but I am itching to get back into this.

Have any of the recently-released weapons grabbed anyone’s attention?


The new special (bubble blower) is really fun and good but it’s on a weapon I don’t like.


How is the bubble blower best used? Sheldon’s explanation seemed to kinda skim past what it actually did; it’s basically throwing out three projectiles that you shoot to explode, right? I love it aesthetically, but that “fire at will” prompt always strikes me with “uhhh, okay. how do I get the best advantage?” (and then I get splat).


Just let them float around ahah; they block enemy shots really well.


Every time I pick this game up again I’m astonished by how good this game feels. I don’t think it will ever get old. It’s such a perfect game to drop a free fifteen minutes into when you are short at time, but I can also just sit in it for three hours or whatever. I haven’t checked out any of the new weapons yet, but I really should.


I do hope we can get to play as Octolings. From the diversity standpoint and possible viewpoint if they make some sort of singleplayer add-on.


There’s a super interesting interview on Rolling Stone with Jordan Amaro, one of the few Westerners who works at Nintendo’s Entertainment Planning and Development studio in Kyoto and worked as a designer on Splatoon 2. Some of the discussion is around Splatoon 2 in particular; it may be too big for this topic, but I felt it was worth linking and sharing some of the key components for Splatoon 2. That said, I do think it’s worth reading in full—Amaro clearly has a way of thinking that some of his quotes (which do read quite rudely out-of-context) don’t quite fully explain.

It’s not just language. It’s a way to perceive games, and the user. I see it on Splatoon right now. You look at Splatoon, and then people look at Overwatch. These are two totally different games. Overwatch is a self-service game. You boot the game and say, “Hey, I like this mode. I like this character. And I’m only ever going to play this mode, this character, and this map.” You’re like, “I’m going to get what I want.”

But in Japan, everything is tailored. You’ve probably heard Sheena Iyengar’s TED talk, in which she went to a restaurant in Japan and tried to order sugar in her green tea. The people at the cafe said, “One does not put sugar in green tea,” and then, “We don’t have sugar.” But when she ordered coffee instead, it did come with sugar! In Japan, there’s a sense of, “We’re making this thing for you, and this is how we think this thing is better enjoyed.” This is why, in Splatoon, the maps rotate every couple of hours. And the modes change. “I bought this game. Why can’t I just enjoy this game the way I want?” That’s not how we think here. Yes, you did buy the game. But we made this game. And we’re pretty confident about how this game should be enjoyed. If you stick with us, and if you get past your initial resistance, you’re going to have the time of your life with this game. You’re really going to love it.

You think you know what we want better than we know what we want?

We think we know what you don’t know you want.

You think you know what you want. But we know what you will want once you understand it. There has to be some effort from the player to play ball with the developer, just like in a restaurant where there is a course menu. You enter the restaurant, and this is the course today. It’s displayed outside the restaurant. When you enter the restaurant, you know what you’re going to eat. Once you’re inside, if you want to eat something different, that’s not how it works.

With Splatoon 2, there definitely are people who want to know why they can’t play the Salmon Run mode all the time.

I’m not allowed to speak on it, because I’m not the game director. What I can say, and what I think can be said, is that there are lots of reasons. You have to trust us that if you could play Salmon Run online anytime, that would result in a worse experience for you and everybody.


Kinda makes you not be selfish at things. Also sugar does not go in tea! Never!


So the update later today has one or two changes:

Match/battle changes:

Changed the performance of some Special Weapons:

Sting Ray
After shooting ink continuously for 1.5 secs, shock waves are generated and damage is greatly increased
Default duration extended by 0.5 secs

Shortened the amount of time spent paused in the air (at the peak of the jump) by 1/6th of a second
Increased the jump height by 31%

Ink Storm
Expanded radius by 13%
Reduced the special points needed to charge on most weapons

Knockback decreased
Increased default endurance/stamina by 33%
Increased explosion radius – 17% more damage, 7% more inking
Changed minimum explosion damage from 30.0 to 55.0
Increased knockback effect against opponents on explosion

Ink Jet
Increased hitbox of player while using the Ink Jet, so it will be easier to shoot down
Decreased explosion radius at point of impact – 17% for damage, 20% for inking
Decreased damage dealt by exhaust (underneath the Ink Jet) by 75%

Ink Armor
Decreased invincibility at the time when the armor is broken by 8/60 of a second
When receiving more than 100.0 damage at once, (upper limit of damage dealt at once is 80.0)

Changed the performance of some Sub Weapons:

Ink is released in three stages; increased the middle of these stages in duration by 5 seconds (this one was a bit difficult to translate, sorry)
Ink consumption decreased from 80% to 70% of the ink tank

Point Sensor
Expanded radius by 20%
Reduced the amount of time it took to start recovering ink after throwing it by 15/60 of a second

Splash Wall
Shortened the time between throwing and deployment by 0.5 seconds

Squid Beakon
Ink consumption decreased from 90% to 75% of the ink tank

Changed the performance of Main Weapons:

Maximum damage dealt decreased from 62.0 to 52.0
Range shortened by 9%

Changed the special charge points of some weapons:
180 → 170
Sploosh-o-matic, Sploosh-o-matic, Aerospray RG, Splattershot Pro, Blaster, Hero Blaster Replica, L3 Nozzlenose, Splat Roller, Hero Roller Replica
200 → 190
N-ZAP '85
210 → 200
.96 Gal
180 → 160
Carbon Roller, Goo Tuber
170 → 160
Octobrush, Brella, Hero Brella Replica
190 → 170
E-Liter 4K, E-Liter 4K Scope
210 → 230
Tentatek Splattershot
180 → 210
Rapid Blaster
180 → 190
Splat Charger, Splatterscope, Hero Charger Replica

Various battle fixes:
Auto-special gauge charge (dependent on mode/ruleset) now dependent on points needed to charge (per-weapon basis) rather than consistent over an amount of time
Bugfixes for the following issues: Sloshing Machine hitbox/inking turf, rare Inkbrush and Octobrush incorrect hitbox on floor, Inkbrush and Octobrush and sponge interaction, damage recovery issue when touching opponents using Brella or Rollers, Roller vertical swing bug, Sting Ray ink droplet display, Ink Jet bullet interaction with corners, Brella and Ink Armor interaction, damage through/on wire meshes, Suction Bomb/surface interaction ink display on Starfish Mainstage, possible to go OOB/clip through world on Sturgeon Shipyard

Salmon Run:
Sting Ray, Splashdown – same changes as in battles (above)
Made Steelhead bombs unable to get stuck on top of Scrapper and Flyfish
Sting Ray + Stinger interaction issue fixed (can now hit all parts of body, not just pilot)
When using the Sting Ray on Grillers, fixed an issue where damage was not dealt when aiming at weak points (tentacles) through the main body
In Lost Outpost, fixed a problem where Steelheads would not attack in certain places
Fixed an issue when two players tried to pick up the same golden egg near the end of a wave, causing one of the players to be unable to pick up eggs in the following wave
Fixed issue where, after playing online, party members in the plaza were shown to have the Splattershot Jr. equipped
Fixed issue where, if a player disconnects just before starting, their weapon will be shown/stuck as the Rainmaker
Fixed issue where, if a player disconnects just before the end, the arrow pointing to them (indicating “self”) on the scoreboard may be seen by other players
Fixed issue where a communication error would occur if a player was assigned a Roller-type weapon for a long period of time

Changed number of points required to level up Splatfest Tee slots
Slot 1: 4000 → 7500
Slot 2: 8000 → 7500
Slot 3: 12000 → 7500
Total: 24000 → 22500
Fixed issue where players appearing in the plaza after Splatfest battles showed as having no shirt slots unlocked

Other changes:
When talking to Murch, you can now see your money and Super Sea Snail count in the corner of the screen
Fixed issue where ranked meters incorrectly displayed as breaking, in the case the bar was empty and there was a disconnection
Fixed issue where some gear, such as the Splatfest Tee, would not be displayed in the correct order while sorting by frequently used
Fixed damage issue with the Baller in the testing area


The aforementioned patch is now live, by the way.

I sat down and played a couple of hours of ranked of Splatoon 2 yesterday (working my way up to A- in Splat Zones), and a thought occurred to me. Over my time playing Splatoon 2’s ranked mode, my preferences for Ranked have totally inverted.

Initially, I was super down on Rainmaker and felt much more confident in Splat Zones. Tower Control was somewhere in the middle, but closer to Splat Zones. Now, I’m by far and away the happiest when Rainmaker is on top, with Splat Zones as my least favourite and TC somewhere down near it.

Is that a common thing or is it just me?


I think Rainmaker is just the most well-designed and most interesting and dynamic game mode. Splat Zones and Tower Control are easier to grasp the concepts of, so at lower ranks, and with less experience, Rainmaker will feel a lot worse. Some people in the A ranks still don’t fully understand the basic concept of Rainmaker and I’ve seen a few still try to pull the RM back to their own base at A ranks. Tower Control is usually considered the least popular mode, especially in Japan (and therefore by the majority of the player-base) since it is the mode that is far removed from the main game of turf-control.

Turf War teaches (or tries to teach) players the importance of maintaining control of territory, but too many players throw that out the window when they get into ranked modes (even those who got to S+ in solo queue) because they suddenly treat the game as a team death-match. Advancing the objective in the ranked modes are impossible without territory control; too many players treat territory control as a secondary, incidental goal whereas it should be treated as the priority to enable the objective to be played.


Your explanation for this stuff makes total sense!

I’ve found Rainmaker to be the most instructive mode in the importance of territory control, both for pushing yourself forward and repelling an enemy advance. If you’ve left a path to your objective open, your goose can go from cold to over-cooked real fast; if you’ve set up a path to the enemy objective, you can run away with the game unexpectedly. It’s definitely taught me more directly than Turf War about the importance of controlling different pathways and being aware of how to approach them.


I’m afraid of jumping into Ranked because I’m scared I’ll be bad at it. Don’t want to drag the team down.


For what it’s worth (and I’m definitely similar to this when I play games like Overwatch), I feel that the lack of voice or text communication does insulate you against feeling like a failure. Plus, there’s a lot of room for being proactive in the Ranked modes—moreso than Turf War, to be honest. If you want to be bold (particularly in Rainmaker, but also in the other modes too), there’s scope for your own initiative to be massively important in the win, but it’s also important to just be there, getting in chips and laying down the ink.

I know this isn’t the most helpful thing in the world, but I would really encourage people to jump in and give it a go. It’s by far and away my best experience in any kind of competitive/ranked game mode in any game, ever. No exaggeration!