Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


Everyone starts out somewhere! Just dip your feet in a bit and see how you like the different game modes. The worst that can happen is you learn.


The only time I’ve ever been really mad at another teammate is when they stayed around our base meticulously spraying every corner as though we were playing turf war. If you take a second to understand what the objective is then you will be fine. You’ll also be starting off at a low rank and this playing with either inexperienced, or poor players. Give it a shot, I honestly like the ranked modes much more than turf war.


Gonna just plug myself here but I’m really really really happy with this play I made: https://clips.twitch.tv/OutstandingClearChamoisWholeWheat

I was on a losing streak and wanted to end on a good match and boyyyy I did it


Great clip! Does anybody else have videos or stories of great successes?

I recently played a rainmaker game where a person with a brush and myself with the rainmaker ran from our side of Port Mackerel straight to the other team’s base to score a win with 2 seconds to spare after being dominated for most of the match. I regret that there is no ready way to communicate with strangers because that begged for a celebration.


at this point every successful Salmon Run session feels like a major triumph.
My wife and I bought an extra Switch (Splatoon edition green and pink) so we could play together and it has injected a level of involvement and sense of accomplishment I don’t think I’ve felt in a video game before. Not since elementary school have I had someone to consistently play games with and it is a true joy, even when we bomb miserably and curse and slap our knees in frustration.


I had a game yesterday that I almost lost for us and then saved it. I was queueing, but got called away from the Switch for a minute. I came back to see a match had already started. Worse, the other team had the Rainmaker and were making a beeline for the goal. I rushed forward and managed to splat the rainmaker carrier at literally 1 away from the goal. Later in that same match, I was the one who carried the rainmaker to the goal to win the match, so I hope that redeems me enough. :eyes:


The Australia/New Zealand community held a series of showmatches last weekend with live commentary to encourage growth in players and team skill. It was live-streamed to twitch but good old Aussie net meant it was really choppy and often unwatchable at times (also some other various technical mishaps along the way). Fortunately a local recording was also taken and has now been uploaded to youtube :smiley: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFm3JBGnK0PjqFozNsqd5XEQ8jDMFdRlB

(I’m a member of the team RIP Tide)


I’ve started getting into other weapons than the roller, which I relied on for a long time because I’m not good at dual-stick action games. Currently I’m working on learning chargers, and dear god the sound effect when you splat someone with a charger is amazing. Had a recent match where I was in a sniper face-off with an opposing charger user and I won. I also have been playing a bunch with the aerospray mg, although I seem to prefer weapons with different firing styles from the standard “shoots a bunch of bullets”. What’s everyone’s favorite weapon and why?


Bless Salmon Run for getting me to branch out of standard weapon use. I tend to stick to weapons with range and precision, but not quite charger distance, like the Jet Squelcher. Salmon Run has forced me to try all varieties of weapons and while I haven’t ventured into Ranked Battle with anything I previously was not comfortable with, I don’t mind playing with a roller or charger in Turf War now.


My favourite weapons are the splattershot (the most commonly used weapon in Japanese league battles at the moment; it’s a well-rounded weapon with almost no weaknesses), rapid blaster (a less aggressive variant of the blaster with more range and less damage; it is most useful for laying down suppressing fire on an area, able to easily hit someone hiding behind cover) and 52 and 96 gal guns. The 96 gal is pretty bad and I’m not sure why I like it, but I do. The 52 gal is a shorter-range variant of it that has the Baller special, which currently is also seeing a lot of use in the top teams in league battles.


it’s embarrassingly basic but I keep coming back the Original Recipe Splattershot, I try to branch out but it never seems to stick.


I need to get back to this. SteamWorld Dig 2 and Rabbids has had all of my playtime recently. I was shifting around the weapons before I dropped off and also had a soft spot for the 96 gal @superhiero , for no reason I can fathom!


I want to branch out from the realm of dualies and the splatter shots but I haven’t quite made it yet. Not playing much at the moment, but the Custom Splattershot Jr. is my current favorite. Being disruptive with the homing bombs and ink cloud thing is too much fun. It’s actually taught me to focus on controlling space a bit more since it’s short range means that you often times can’t get close enough to finish someone off.


Kotaku Compete interviewed a couple of folks (one of whom is a friend of mine) about the issues with Splatoon 2’s matchmaking here https://compete.kotaku.com/splatoon-2-players-across-the-world-say-matchmaking-is-1818968925?IR=T

Essentially anyone outside of Japan is struggling to find matches; America/Europe will never match with Japan unless the squad host is from ANZ/Japan, and ANZ are basically dead in the water when the Splatfest comes around and we’re locked entirely out of playing with Japan.


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Has the US Splatfest been confirmed yet?


actually not playing much now a days but hope for best
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