Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


Oh snap, sorry Europe.


WHAT i do not understand these divergent splatfests


US got the good Splatfest, I assume because parts of Europe don’t celebrate Halloween?


Look I may not get to join in the good Splutfest but go Team Werewolf


I picked this up recently and have been really enjoying it. It’s fascinating to see Nintendo try to take on the challenge of making a multiplayer shooter while also trying to focus on gameplay that isn’t “kill the other team.” As someone who likes competitive shooters like TF2 and Overwatch because of how different those feel from CoD fare, Splatoon 2 has been real fun.

Aside from that though- and this is not a new observation- the way Splatoon recalls late 90’s/early aughts Japanese video game stuff is really good. It feels like a haze of Jet Set Radio, Um Jammer Lammy, and Sonic Adventure. The brightness of the hub and the guitar pop songs with sampled sounds create the specific sensation of that era for me. I’m really glad that spirit still lives on somewhere in a Nintendo design team.


I find a lot of new players have an idyllic view of how the game works; everyone’s more focused on painting the ground than splatting enemies, and the music/aesthetic draws a lot of attention too.

Then everything turns upside down when they try ranked mode.


Bring this thread back for Octo Expansion!

My dreams of being an octo are here!


Heeeeck yeah! That new campaign looks much more challenging, and I’m always keen for more fresh gear! Also I can’t wait for Westerners to non-stop complain about reaching/not reaching Rank X


Damnit, I haven’t had an interest in Splatoon before but the sheer styyyyle of that trailer is really hard to resist.


More like Slaptoon because that soundtrack friggin’ goes.


So if it wasn’t already obvious, Pearl and Marina are Biggie and Tupac now.

Wonder if Nintendo has it in them to do an East/West Splatfest.


Playable Octolings! Dreams do come true!


Not sure I’ll find the time to play this weekend’s splatfest (blame UK mother’s day, and my own baking ineptitude meaning I spent ~6 hours making a cheescake), but Octo has definitely made me want to hop back in to Splatoon again.

I want to be an octoboy damnit!


Chicken may have won, but that’s still the wrong answer! :cry:


Nintendo confirmed that Octolings play no differently than Squid Kids and can wear all the same fashions.

That Octoling mohawk is fresh af.


The female Octolings better have the single long hair as the female inkling as well.




Is there a meta breakdown or just general tips for the most current patches/play styles? When I play I generally am top of my team but I have never bothered with ranked and would like to start but I know it’s almost like a whole other game with the strategies involved.


In my experience, expect your first few games of any ranked mode to be a bit of a shit show and a likely loss, just while you get your head around how each game time plays. Even reading the rules and reconing the stages won’t cut it.

I distinctly remember my first ranked game (Tower control, humpback pump track) as the most fast-paced and splat-heavy game of splatoon I’d ever played, so brace for that!

Despite what I said before though, do recon each stage as each game mode will tweak the layout slightly!

The single best piece of ranked advice I got is that the objective can make it easy to forget about turf, but turf is always important in splatoon because of how it affects movement. Keeping the lanes of attack on your own goal inked slows your opponents down, and gives you avenues of counterattack!


Top of your team in turf war means you paint the most turf, so that’s fine, don’t forget to keep painting turf in ranked, as padraic mentioned above. Keep in mind though that this is a team game, and it’s incredibly difficult for anyone to carry a team in Splatoon on their own. Stay close to your team-mates and force 2v1 situations against your enemies. Make sure you are always aware of where the objective is relative to you at any given moment, ready to jump back to it when you need to (including returning to spawn when you’re out of position and need to “reset” your situation). Get a feel for which weapons and specials work on different maps/modes. Some specials are overwhelmingly powerful on some maps, like Sting Ray on Port Mackerel.

Also, clam blitz in solo at any level is a complete mess so don’t even worry about that one.