Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


Seems to be you’re forced to share on social media in order to post ingame. I hope I’m wrong. I shared to Twitter to test it and then deleted the Twitter post only to realize I had no other way of viewing what I had drawn. I hope their is a way to view what you’ve shared without having to save everything you do on Facebook or Twitter.


This game is awesome, it feels so great to be waist deep in Splatoon again after pouring so many hours into the original.

I also completely forgot how much having the right weapon impacts gameplay. I was messing around with the new duel-wielding guns and kind of struggling, but I eventually unlocked the Aerospray and was back to dominating like the old days.

The fashion seems to be at least on par with the original from what I can see and the option to select your hairstyle is nice.

I haven’t really dived into Salmon run yet, but the tutorial seemed promising.


Getting my splatoon groove back. Salmon Run pretty cool with high action and dealing with different enemy types. Going to do single player over the weekend.


Also this is THE BEST


Yeah. I make sure I either screenshot the image in-game before I post it (to save it to my SD Card) or save the image from the Twitter post. Deciding if I leave it up is questionable. On the one hand, I worked really hard on this image, on the other hand my Physic Professor follows me on Twitter and I feel bad about filling his feed with it haha.


It auto saves a screen shot to the album on the switch


There it is! Thank you


It’s great.

Why do I keep getting matched with skilled Japanese players though? :sob:

At Level 12 so far, and am yet to touch Ranked. I’m too afraid. Have made it to the fourth world in the single player too (which is great! levels are much longer and more varied than the original).

The SplatNet 2 app is pretty awesome for tracking your battle stats and you can order some sweet gear as well (I’m just going to ignore the poor voice chat implementation).

Looking forward to diving even deeper!


To any new players who have hit level 10 and is interested in playing ranked: I suggest you wait a few days or a week, unless you want to be thrown in the the chaos that is ranked at the moment. Former top S+99 players are ending up on the same team in B- rank and somehow losing matches; it’s wild out there. My S+ buddy is struggling to break out of C- because a lot of his opponents in C- are secretly S+ players themselves.


I feel like I’ve read some conflicting accounts on this: are there ant carry-overs from single-player to multi-player? In terms of weapon/clothes unlocks, upgrades, or other resources?


I haven’t completed single player but heard you get some clothing for completing it.


Ok cool. I mostly just don’t want to miss out on weapon unlocks from not doing it.


Picked this up today and I’m playing Singleplayer while PS4 stuff downloads. It’s al betling as it was the first time, I love the writing to bits. Pun-ished Marie is brill.


Played for 5 hours last night with a friend and I’m absolutely in love with this game. Only thing I need to figure out now is how to counter Inkbrush because wow I’ve never been so destroyed by anything in my fucking life.


Ah, I remember the “Inkbrush is ridiculous I can’t handle it” phase when I played the first Splatoon, lol. You’ll acclimate and start wrecking them soon enough!


Hey everyone, add me on the Switch if you wanna play —> SW 5420-1683-0821



I just hopped into Ranked for a few matches.

It was chaos.

Ended up about 50/50 as to wins/losses… I do not think I’m going to reach S Rank this time around!

… but I want more!


Haha it took me like, 200 hours of ranked play in Splatoon 1 to reach S rank. It’ll take time, but I believe in you! I’m B/B- in each of the ranks now. I’m going about 50/50 as well. Also, SplatNet 2 shows you a breakdown of your win% per map on each ranked mode, which is cool. I can see which rotations I should avoid :stuck_out_tongue:


I picked up this and Zelda as my two new Switch games and I’m regularly dumping 2-3 hours into this game, which I was super not expecting! I really liked the look of Splatoon 1, so being able to dig in this time is a treat. Can’t recommend this game enough! I’ve only really played Turf War, although I’m beginning to dabble in Salmon Run and the single player.

(That said, I do wish the Switch’s Wifi receiver was a little stronger; juuust too weak for me to sit upstairs and play from my desktop desk.)