Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


Yeah the Switch’s wifi isn’t the best. Some networks it just refuses to connect to altogether (the password screen for my University address wifi would appear but it would never connect). However, my phone allows me to use it as a Wifi hotspot to tether to (even if the phone is just feeding through to the actual wifi network). The Switch works really well on it and means I can basically use it anywhere.

On the most recent UPF at Giant Bomb, they even played Splatoon 2 online for a couple matches just tethering it to Jeff’s mobile data. Brad had a minor moment of disbelief when he realised that a game as good as Splatoon 2 was in the tiny Switch connected to the internet via an even smaller wireless phone that Jeff could still use for other things. The true wireless future, I can almost taste it.


Would tethering it to you phone network burn through your data?

I ask this not to challenge you, but because I genuinely don’t know, and am looking for a better way to keep a good wifi signal to the Switch.


I played for about an hour and it used around 100MB.


Rank mode still crazy. It has the most fast pace mode but also the roughest leveling.


Gotcha, thanks!


Really enjoying this. Very definition of casual player I think, level five after three days as it’s literally one mp level and then put down as the boy wants feeding etc and then another round a few hours later. Haven’t changed a weapon, or clothes, or really know what I am doing but I seem to be in the middle of the pack each round and having a heck of a lot of fun.


I’m enjoying it a lot as a game but I just wish it wasn’t wrapped up in so much Nintendo-isn’t-good-at-online stuff.

So many baffling decisions in the UX, lobby matchmaking, map rotation, how teams work, communication tools, match prep facilities (i.e lack of them). It feels like a game that hates you loving it.


Not finding the last stages of the single player enjoyable, a lot of tedious platforming. For example waiting around for a platform to laboriously float its way towards you, then dying and having to wait all over again.


(I really like the map rotation. Feels more involving than just having access to everything at all times. Makes the whole thing feel like an ongoing, ever changing event in a world. Which probably doesn’t make much sense, but still, I do really like it.)


I mean I guess… I see what you mean, but why 2 maps, with 2 hours between rotations? It just seems so limiting. Couldn’t they achieve a similar effect with twice the maps over half the time, especially since the rounds are so short?


Its certainly an odd choice but I feel it’s part of Nintendo’s “stop playing videogames all day long” vibe. I like it but I need more maps right now as I hate the BMX/skatepark one as I am trash at it.


I want to really like this game but I’m increasingly eh on the whole thing. The big thing is the controls. I’d rather just play with the joysticks but the gyro controls mean that I may as well be using a gamepad to play the PC version of Overwatch. The issue is that none of the gyro control options actually work for me. I can use the pro controller but the game won’t let me use the right stick to move the camera up and down so I’m stuck with a default resting position for my thumb that is basically useless and a controller that is too big for the quick movements needed to make it work. So that leaves the joycons but then I’m stuck making so many movements with my wrist that it starts causing me pain after a few matches. So options that are nice in theory are too limited to work for me.

Then you have a bunch of smaller stuff like not being able to change loadouts between matches without leaving match making, all of the gear in every mode being different is a bummer, the uber capitalistic theme of the game is meh (There is no ethical turf war under squid kid capitalism), I’m not super into the way the only canonical black women in the game is hyper sexualised and from the race of octopus people who are all almost entirely portrayed as villains, the way they try to let you look cool and then tie perks into all the gear with no easy way to swap them also sucks, and it’s basically just Splatoon: Again! none of the first games issues are really even addressed here and for $60 they really should have been.

I want to like the game but right now it’s death by one really big cut and a whole bunch of smaller ones


Wait I didn’t understand this part, are you saying using the Pro controller forces motion controls… because that seems like a bad decision? Especially because I’ve ordered a Pro controller specifically because I don’t like using the joycons for this.


No you can turn off motion and use the right stick normally but if you turn motion on it disables the up/down movement on the stick


Oh right, yeah, I don’t know why they do that either. It would be cool if I could just use motion for fine tuning and use the stick for main aiming.


Isn’t that the default setting? I mean, it’s how I’ve been playing it.


When I have motion controls on it disables being able to use the analog stick for vertical aiming - so I don’t think so?


Ah, right, that. I mean, I’ve never had any particular desire to look up, so it’s never really bothered me. Especially considering how quickly ink drops off, aiming anywhere above 45 degrees is pointless. Even on Heights.


This whole game is so vertical. Especially if you’re using a charger or trying to paint the walls.


I mean, if I’ve never even noticed the restrictions on vertical looking after hours of the first game, it’s probably not that vertical. All the walls in every map are designed with the restriction in mind, you never need to look up to any significant degree to ink them.

Besides, if you’re looking UP with a charger you’ve already bollocksed up. High ground, yo.