Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


Honestly my biggest issue with the game is not being able to skip the intro announcements when you start up the game. My wife and I share the Switch and jumping back and forth between accounts is near maddening having to sit through info we already know or will find out in five seconds when we enter the lobby. I like Marina and Pearl but maybe force me to listen to them just like, only once a day?


Finished up the single player and ended up liking it a bunch! The hub worlds were one of my favorite parts of the whole thing. Really nice blend of puzzles and mobility without having to worry about any enemies around. I liked the levels themselves too until I had to use the minigun or sniper and it was totally miserable. Boss fights were cool too, love the designs a ton. Story was super light but also nice and breezy. Loved the final fight.

Now back to multiplayer to get destroyed while trying to use the Splattershot Pro.


I loved the first one and played it a ton so I’m so used to its dumb issues now (not being able to change gear between games/the intro being unskippable/etc) but it is ridic that those things were what people were yelling about so much as problems in the first one and they just… ignored it…


Hah, I didn’t want to bring it up as it felt a bit of a silly thing to moan about, but this absolutely does my head in!

I was on the losing team 13 matches in a row last night. Which seems a tad harsh. I was top two each time so not as if I was terrible or anything, and I don’t even know what they could do about that, but it was quite disheartening and meant I am stuck on level nine as the XP gain is way less. Generally I am loving this game though.

Silly question, my gear is getting abilities and I have no idea how to find out what they are? If it even really matters.


IIRC you pull up the gear in the equip menu and hit ZL on it to see the skill details.


Yeah, my point mostly was that personally my only issue with the game was something totally unimportant. Just as with the first game I am hopelessly in love with Splatoon 2. ‘One more’ is my mantra as we descend into the night.


press X to open the menu at any time and go to “Status”; it will take you to a page with all some player info and also the abilities and a description of what they do.


Can you see how many 'fresh’s your drawings receive? The posting situation remains a murky zone for me.


Thanks guys, I feel like I have been pressing all the buttons to see what works but clearly not!

The App is saying something about Egg collectors from 1pm today (if that is UK time, that is now) but I haven’t seen anything in game and the app doesn’t seem to go onto another level of detail.


That would be for Salmon Run.

The PvE horde mode. It’s only available during certain times.

You can access it from the menu by pressing X and selecting Grizzco.


Ah I haven’t done that. Read a brief bit but it seemed to suggest co-ordination is needed, which is not my strong point solo, and I know no-one else with the game to run together.


Single player has been pretty good. The parts where you have to use a certain weapon is a nice change of pace and change how you approach platforms and bosses.


I’ve only played the ‘freelance’ option of Salmon Run, so no chat options and haven’t had any problems playing. ‘This way’ and ‘help!’ cover the bases of communication as far as I can tell. More nuance may be required as the intensity picks up


Ah Ok, cool, might give it a try later then, thanks.


There’s a snobby face on the truck in Inkopolis Square


So, is Salmon Run available all the time now? It seems to be open today?


It was open for a 12 hour period; it closed 50 minutes ago I believe.


Oh just found it on the “Stages” screen. Looks like it’ll just be open for random-ish 12-hour periods.


Yeah, it’s a really bizarre decision. :confused:


Ever so slowly climbing up the ranks!

B in Splat Zones, B- in Tower Control and C+ in Rainmaker.

… and apparently Spla2n has sold ~670K units in Japan in its first three days.

Holy carp!