Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


That’s cool! I made it to C in Rainmaker, otherwise all my meters are riddled with cracks. Really want to do league play but B- seems a ways off yet.


Getting to B- is real rough. Progressing well but Rank is just tough.


I don’t understand how the Ranked leveling works anymore.

What’s with the cracks and the yellow line?

It was super easy to understand in the first game.


It’s a mystery to me too. Maybe if you make it past the yellow line it becomes harder to drop down to the previous rank. And you have to lose a certain number of times, indicated by the cracks, to actually fall back.


4 cracks = rank down, UNLESS you make it pass the yellow “OK” line, in which case your bar depletes but you stay in the same rank.


Last stage isn’t as bad as people made it out to be other than just waiting for platforms to be in the right spot. If it wasn’t for the fast travel to points in the menu ti would had been a real pain.


Up to level 13 in mp now and seem to be rotating between the dualies (the first lot, the second lot that special where you go into the air I seem to always die. Which is odd as whenever I come across someone in the air, they 99% of the time kill me), the Zapper and the Aero. Enjoying rotating them. I guess I am dumb but some of the game mechanics seem hidden away. Like I had no idea about the Super Jump until I read it on Twitter, had to ask in here how to see what the perks on the gear where, stuff like that. As others have said, it’s a great game surrounded by some very odd decisions.


Awesome, thanks!

I guess I should be happy I haven’t lost enough for that to happen. :thinking:


The game seems to assume you’ve played the first one


I guess so. I get that you should be able to learn more skills etc as you go along, but stuff like the Super Jump seem pretty vital to getting anywhere on things like that Tower level. As without it you spend half the time just running to the main area.

I am really enjoying it though, it’s just that, especially because it’s a sequel, you would think they would have ironed stuff like this out.

Update out today seems to have tweaked some of the Specials, so that could be interesting. Also had no idea about the exploit it apparently fixes, though I wouldn’t have used it anyway I don’t think.


I just found out about the secret fast fall that the dualies have. I want to try that out on the Towers to see how fast it makes getting to the centre.


Share with the class please!


Hah, you know the arrow pointer that shows up next to a players name in game sometimes? I genuinely thought you had to paint that to help them appear. I had no idea it was where people were going to land after a Super Jump.

The fact that when I die in game, I die and no-one has ever painted me back to life, had not occurred to me until now.

As I said, dumb at games like this.


I THOUGHT THE SAME THING. The Salmon Run tutorial says you can paint your injured teammember to revive them so I figured that’s what they are showing me. I just figured pick up groups on normal mode weren’t interested in revival.

I still feel very awkward trying to set up a Super Jump.


After a couple of short bursts of online play in which I felt completely lost (never played they first game) it really clicked last night. I got a handle on the motion controls, changed some of my gear and now have a quick roll after the super jump, and really started to monitor the map. I consistently was first or second on turf painted, and regularly number one in kills. On the Reef I got pretty good at dominating the center bridge and elevated areas on each side which seemed to really hamper the other team’s ability to take any territory. I also started to take out people using the special where they start flying around in the air; it seems like it’s fairly easy to sneak up in squid form and knock them out in a lot of cases.

Enough gloating, but it felt great! I felt like I was understanding the flow and working as a component of a team even though we weren’t actually doing much in the way of communication. It seems like the map is key to allowing a team to function together without voice chat: you can instantly see where the weak spaces are and jump in to provide aide, or you can choose to hang around and hold the middle ground and allow the rest of the team to push forward.


This may be old news, but I’ve started to be more strategic and cautious with the super jumps since that ring that appears will often get you taken out immediately by the other side. It might be better to travel a little further in order to not super jump into the fray.


When jumping off a ledge, use the Dualies dodge maneuver (jump while firing) and you will drop straight down. It is useful on the Moray Towers map but there’s a little recovery animation at the end that may end up equaling out to a regular squid jump on the shorter drops. I haven’t done extensive testing yet, though somebody most likely has.


For those of y’all that are new I’d recommend going through the single player as it teaches you a lot of things that are useful in multiplayer (such as if spam B while going up walls you’ll go faster).

Plus it’s just really fun!

I need to put more time into Salmon Run. Earn rise ability chunks. :persevere:


I bring my Switch into work for lunchtime play but yesterday and today I can’t connect to mp matches, so I will be checking out much more of the single player stuff I guess (I am assuming work have changed the wi-fi setting rather than no-one is online at this time on a game a week old). I did the first boss but then moved over to mp and hadn’t gone back since.


honestly, the first game also assumed you knew a lot of stuff, i learned new shit all the way through playing.