Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


The single player is great, well worth it!

  1. Game mechanics that aren’t explained up front

  2. Lore that isn’t spoon fed but found in items and collectibles

  3. Lots of dying and reviving without your “souls” (special points)

  4. Fashion being the real objective of the game…

So we’re ok with calling Splat22n a Souls-Like, right? That’s what I’m getting here

  1. Arcane multiplayer experience that is difficult to get working.



Looking at the upcoming Salmon Run schedule, it seems all the sessions have now been converted to 24 hours, instead of 12, hurray! Current session’s weapon loadout blows though D:


What makes Salmon Run almost a horror game, for me, is getting stuck with a weapon I am not comfortable with at all.


my sister was surprised that I was so excited to buy a hockey jersey when I normally wouldn’t be caught dead in one. and it’s interesting to think about how much my taste in fashion changes when you make me a skate-punk squid kid and put me in Inkopolis. on the other hand it’s also interesting how it doesn’t change because I still favour the fake chuck taylor hi-tops and brogues over the faux air jordans and the like.



Why are people so talented. :sob:


Slowly slowly ranking up.

A- in Tower Control, B+ in Splat Zones and Rainmaker.

I need more money to buy things though! :sob:

It seems you can also scrub Splatfest Tees for ability chunks for 2000 (instead of the usual 20K).



Nice, had a go at league play yet? It’s kinda nice that it’s a separate thing, since losing a million matches in a row doesn’t result in dropping your rank.

Also yep, I’ve scrubbed my splatfest tee about 4 times already


I just finished the story mode. at some point I feel like these games need to address the Octolings’ pretty legitimate grievances.


Picked the game up today. The actual matches are great. I can’t stop playing. That being said, everything else about the game seems designed to alienate me as a new player.


I don’t have anyone to play with, lol.

Otherwise I’d definitely give it a shot, haha.

It’d be an interesting experience to be sure.


The Inklings are tyrannical oppressors, albeit fashionable ones.


Agh, really bugging me that I can get clothes, and do training missions etc but can’t do Salmon Run or team matches due to some weird work wi-fi set-up. I can do everything else online, just not actual matches. Will so more single player today instead. I tried Ranked over the weekend a few times but each time it seemed to be full of people just inking stuff rather than going for objectives, or people way better at the game than me. Regular matches I seem to be able to hold my own OK so I am sticking with that.

Need to stop buying clothes as well. Actually run out of coins!


If you’re on the Waypoint discord people group up on there. It’s how I’ve played League.


Tried ranked mode for the first time yesterday and found the whole process bewildering, to be honest.

As many people have pointed out, League mode is the only real legit team mode because it’s the one where you actually get to organise with a team, but in order to unlock it you have to go through another mode where your progress is tied in part to how well the 3 other random people you are with can work as a team.

Then, the progression through ranks is very confusing. I feel like I did okayish, no better but after an hour of playing I jumped from C- to B-, and it feels like it might be fudging the numbers somewhere in the background. It didn’t really FEEL tied to my performance even if it was. It seems like the grading doesn’t really mean a whole lot, in which case why not just background it and make it just a matchmaking tool?

I really don’t understand why Turf War isn’t a ranked/league mode, since it seems no less legitimate than the other modes in ranked, and also I think so far I prefer it to Splat Zones and Rainmaker which are the 2 I’ve tried. I certainly prefer it to Rainmaker.

I know some people defend it but I really dislike switching modes every 2 hours. As it is, I don’t know what mode it’ll be during the small window I have to play tonight, and then my next few days are busy, which means that I might have to wait until the end of the week to play this mode. I get they don’t want the playerbase to be split but also I just want to be able to play what I feel like when I feel like it. That sentiment extends to all the hoops they make you jump through in order to play with teams.

Other problem with teamplay is by pushing proper team play up to the ‘high level’ leagues that tends to skew the experience toward high level players, and I would much rather there were multiple leagues which catered to varying abilities. I’d be perfectly happy doing middling-well in the rubbish league (I might be better than rubbish, but as I mentioned, the game doesn’t do a great job at giving me a realistic idea of how well I’m doing). Or better yet, a non-league team mode where I can play with my friends.

I feel like 90% of these issues is Nintendo being worried about fragmenting the pool of players. This is valid since matchmaking already seems to struggle sometimes, but the ways they have tried to solve it are slowly chipping away at the goodwill created by the generally excellent feel of the game to play.


I am not!

That’d certainly make it easier.


So my Switch is telling me I’ve played Spla2n for over 75 hours…

I just hit level 30 tonight.

Time to retire.


75! Last I checked it was still just counting the days since I started playing. Now you’ve got me worried.