Why isn't it called Spla2n? - Splatoon 2 thread


Wow, I am on 15+ hours, which for me, in a week and a half, is actually pretty crazy these days. I did actually play Salmon Run last night for the first time. Couple of rounds, seems really neat. Unlike the few times I have played Ranked, my team-mates actually seemed to know what to do as well.


splat2n has me feeling ways about multiplayer games that i sort of thought i wouldn’t ever feel again. granted, i’ve been sort of locked out of modern competitive games over the past few years by a weak pc and college financial stuff, but this one still just feels… special.

i don’t know, i also don’t feel as bad about the salmon run stuff as other people? then again, i’m not trying to play online with any friends at the moment, and i generally have an open enough schedule to play it every few days and satisfy my craving for it, so i may not represent the general player. i think the idea of “in-game job” being restricted to limited hours is interesting, but i see how people in tighter work schedules than me could be frustrated, if it’s the main draw for them.


I’ve got about 70 hours myself; mostly in ranked mode. I’m level 28 and I hit my first S Rank (in Rainmaker) last night. A- in Splatzones and A in Tower Control.


My crew bought me the game for my birthday (thanks y’all!) and I gotta say, I’m absolutely killing it. It’s important to note that I have zero percent self-esteem in most anything, so the fact that I can say that I own at Splatoon 2 is a big deal. I have been crushing it, 20-9 W/L so far, including a couple matches where we were outnumbered 4-3.

I’m also having zero connectivity issues which is great, I had to stop playing Splatoon 1 because of it, don’t think I even hit level 30. And the campaign was great, although the final boss was really frustrating until I upgraded my weapon.


I was just playing and I forget if Splatoon 1 did this but the square had a bunch of scaffolds show up at midnight in preparation for new splatfest signs I imagine, this goes for a lot of nintendo stuff, but it’s the little things that really make Splatoon sing.

also there is a culture war raging over whether furries are good or not. one side apparently remains unaware of what anthropomorphic squid teens basically are when you get right down to it.


I saw this as well and it’s kinda hilarious. Splatoon post culture is its own weird little ecosystem.


One other point: I also like that the Raw-Fresh-Superfresh system is tied to weapon. If I’m on a losing streak with a particular weapon I’m encouraged to swap out to something else and see if I can make it grow instead.


Nice work!

I’m A- in everything and ready to give up, haha.


Man levels 19 and 26 of the single player are, not good. I like the idea of doing the levels with each weapon but the thought of repeating those two not enticing in the slightest. Generally the level design is great though.


Got it on launch and while I haven’t played a ton because of all the other games I’m trying to play, it’s nice to have a MP game I can play and not get extremely salty about.


I don’t remember 26 being especially bad but I do remember fearing I would never beat 19. it might not be too too awful with different weapons though, I was replaying the first sniper level for the page last night and they actually modified the level a tiny bit to accommodate the fact that other guns don’t have the same range. regardless I think that chain of grapple points would be much easier with at least the faster weapons, it might be a nightmare with the chargers though.


26 was just annoying because of the rolling balls, and timing the switches to knock them off. Hard to be that perfect with motion controls, though I suspect if I had sat at home with the Pro then it would have been fine.

Finished the single player last night, well the first run through anyway. What are the actual rewards for doing the levels with each weapon? I am not sure I want to repeat each level numerous times really, but without the mp option there isn’t much else for me to do really. Not knocking the sp length though, it was pretty decent.


Completing every level unlocks that weapon in Sheldon’s shop. It’s just a reskin of an existing weapon in each case (i.e. the Splattershot for the Hero Shot).


Ok, that doesn’t seem that enticing. I might just go do some of the levels I enjoyed and leave it there.


I don’t think I like the ranked mode at all. I’m not sure if it is because I suck or just bad luck but my teams get absolutely fucking run every time I play and there’s so little progress made even when I win that it’s just vaguely depressing.

On the other hand, Salmon Run is incredibly fun and a good way to take a break from the important business of inking turf and maximizing my squid child’s fashion.


Still haven’t picked a side in the splatfest…I just don’t like either option very much.


There seems to be some talk about the Splatfest t-shirt allows you to upgrade quicker or something, but all that stuff sounds very meta and not what I am down for. Hoping to get some decent mp in over the weekend as I feel after the campaign I am a bit better with some of the weapons. Maybe.


My only goal for the Splatfest is to get those gem shell things I can use increase slots on the clothing I like. I hate that I have to wear some stupid looking helmet of puffy jacket if I want to maximize my extra abilities.let me be me! - or… let me be me AND powered up.


Basically, you can “scrub” the secondary abilities you’ve gained on your Splatfest Tee for “ability chunks”… If you have 10 chunks of the same type (say ink saver sub) you can insert that ability onto any piece of gear you want.

The reason it’s better to use your Splatfest Tee instead of other gear is because it only costs 2K instead of 20K.


Me too.

I really want to create some cool looking ensembles.