Why Kingdom Hearts Means So Damn Much to People


Content Warning: This story contains brief discussions of suicide, mental illness.

A few months ago, I asked a basic question: Why does Kingdom Hearts mean something to you? The answers I received in the days ahead, which numbered in the hundreds, were anything but basic. To so many, Kingdom Hearts has not just been a video game about a kid with spiky hair travelling to various Disney worlds, but a story about hope, friendship, and a crisis of identity. It’s helped them find love, provided comfort through loss, and acted as a guiding light of unrelenting, unapologetic positivity in a world that’s increasingly dark, cynical, and upsetting.

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Having a good cry, I’m glad people shared this stuff.


this is so great

I was rushed to a hospital and placed into a medically induced coma. For two months, it was touch and go…When I finally was woken up…they finally brought a large laminated poster with the alphabet on it so I could ask questions by pointing at letters (I still had a breathing tube in at this point). In a drug addled state, I spelled out, in all capital letters:
“DID KINGDOM HEARTS 3 COME OUT YET?” and then fell back asleep.


This is incredibly heartwarming. I’m glad some of these stories have been given this kind of platform. Web site good.


I cried at the season finale pod and I cried reading this!
I was so happy to take this journey with yall!

I was not interested in the games (I still am not) but thank you for opening this whole new world (and lore) to me. I would consider myself a huge and knowledgeable fan even thought I never finished the first game. (I did watch the 12 hour youtube video of all the cutscenes for KH3!)


Love to hear stories like these about big games that just kinda missed me.

In my case all KH did was introduce me to Utada Hikaru, for which I am grateful.


Thank you so much for writing this up, Patrick. Lore Reasons: Kingdom Hearts has been a true joy to listen to but hearing other fans stories in the many threads and this article has been my favourite part.

I’m also incredibly surprised a line of mine was featured after you received so many responses. I feel both flattered and lucky. :sparkling_heart: