Why so hopeless?

Yes the FCC will repeal Net neutrality but news of states, online companies, and social groups are pushing congress and setting up for court meetings to stop the move. However, a lot of people and media outlets are just kinda allowing these harmful move to happen.

Why is it that people loss so much hope when there is a way to change things around?
Has certain things in our society has beaten down people so much that their they can’t do anything?

like, have you seen how the past few years have gone?


Pretty much, yeah. But I agree… events of the last couple months have shown that things can still change for the better (metoo, VA elections, AL election).

Nothing lasts forever

I mean it might just be an issue of coverage and a desire for an eye catching headline. It’s a lot more desirable as a publication to write “net neutrality is dead” stick up a scary graphic and then explain what you mean than say “FCC voted to repeal Title 2 protections, lawmakers and officials continue work hard for an open internet despite set backs and disappointments!” even if the latter is actually more accurate

A lot of people, also, have been building up to this 5 person vote in a personal, climactic way that I feel is unwarranted given what it is. People have been looking at this as a final battle, but it’s more like just another fight, and there are a tonne of other fights happening off in the background that aren’t getting half as much coverage. Like multiple people have told Pai to stop or delay this vote either because of the fraudulent comments being sent to the FCC or because of general public opinion. But he (he meaning probably not him personally) pushed it anyway because it’s his personal crusade to repeal Title 2 protections, i guess.

I was always under impression that the FCC was going to vote to repeal and that there was a small marginal chance that they wouldn’t. With the FCC closing public comment and the FCC pushing this (as I understand it illegal?) vote so hard it always seemed like any actual fight was going to be had with congress and the courts after the fact. I’m disappointed and disheartened, but not surprised by the turn of events on this, and that’s about my feelings on a lot of things this year ibr


I really don’t like the way the question has been posed. Like, sure, unlearning helplessness is important and all, but the way you’ve framed you’re question it’s almost as if you’re chastising people for being upset.

Consider, for one, that many content creators post in these forums and, right now, Patreon wants to fuck with their livelihood and seems to have only backed off temporarily. In addition, the FCC wants to get rid of NN altogether, which also directly impacts people who live off of making content for the internet.

People aren’t ignorant of their options. Many are grappling with hopelessness because joblessness and worse are the all too real potential consequences of the above.

This year has been a mental and emotional battle fought on several fronts. The Internet is one place a lot of people have to fight against this stuff, and having that potentially taken away does kind of feel like a last straw. You can’t blame people for expressing some loss of hope. I was one of them but I’m going to continue doing everything I have to actively. I don’t think this is the fairest way this topic could have been posed.

However, I am a little concerned that the messaging around the vote and the immediate reaction by many has caused people to think that Net Neutrality is already immediately gone as of yesterday, and that the word hasn’t gotten out there enough yet that there is still a chance to turn this around.


I’m speaking from an American perspective here, but in a year where the President lost the popular vote by 3 million, Net Neutrality was repealed despite 83 percent of Americans against it, and a tax bill that none of our officials actually had a chance to read passed that’s literally going to bankrupt people who work themselves to death in favor of giving some ridiculously rich dude another break, it’s all just been exhausting beyond belief. I’m not saying anything new here. Watching the democracy you’ve wanted to believe in decay before your eyes, and do so this rapidly is enough to make anyone get ready to just throw in the towel.

But it hasn’t. The bright side of all this (despite all of the damage that’s been done in terms of legislation and to our collective willpower) is that I truly believe we’ll see the left mobilize like never before. I’ll do what I’ve always done, go to the polls, vote with my money, donate what disposable income I can to things that matter to me, get ready to protest and make a scene remain vigilant and informed and all that. It’s not a hopeless situation, but to characterize what’s ahead as anything but an uphill battle would be naive, and I can’t blame anyone in the slightest for thinking the worst at this point.