Why Strangerealism Is Our New Aesthetic

We've got a spooky episode for y'all today! First, Rob leads the crew into the Streangreal world of Ace Combat 7 and learn that not all Ace Combat games are created equal. Patrick has been checking out the Oculus Quest 2, and Cado's been diving back into Pokemon with The Crown Tundra DLC. You can listen to the full episode and read an excerpt below.

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Patrick should just drop a mp3/txt of his Half-Life: Alyx interview, we’re desperate out here for any new Idle Thumbs content.


I like it when games mix “mobile armors” into their “realistic” enemy pools. Be it the Arms Forts of Armored Core, the Arsenal Bird and its ilk in Ace Combat or the Superweapons of Warship Gunner. Sadly western games don’t tend to do that much. The HAWX games were pretty good Ace Combat knockoffs otherwise, I like how they would display things like the radar areas you had to dodge as AR overlays over the main screen instead of making you stare at the tiny radar view the whole time. The story did get silly enough to make you dodge beams from orbital weapons but not silly enough to have giant sky-battleships to fight and of course it was full of Tom Clancyism where heroic and selfless Americans save the day.