Why the Hell Did I Wait So Long to Play 'Bayonetta 2'?


I never played all the way through Bayonetta, but was infatuated enough with the way the game looked that I spent hours upon hours watching playthroughs, reading up on the game, and even at one point making plans to cosplay Bayonetta herself. I told myself time and time again I’d pick up Bayonetta 2 when it came out on the Wii U in 2014, but sadly, I never got around to it, because, well… I was too busy watching anime and that’s the truth.

Lucky for me, Bayonetta 2 just came out on the Switch and I haven’t kept up with a current season of anime in two years, so I am fucking SET.

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It fascinating to know the reasons why people don’t get a chance to get into some games. I do like Danika’s reason is anime :smiley:


I only got around to playing Gone Home last year.

I also bought a Wii U off ebay last year for Smash 4 … and Bayonetta.


It took me forever to get into Kingdom Hearts, mainly because I had to rent it, got stuck on the island prologue, and was a kid that hated reading and always wanted instant gratification (in this case cartoon characters). As I got older and was more appreciative of reading in games, I gave it another shot and its final boss fight cemented it as one of my favorite game series.


I bounced off Dark Souls pretty hard and then, years later, started reading the wiki about the mechanics and upgrade system. For some reason that got me to try it again and now I’m an insufferable Dark Souls guy (sorry).

Also, the podcast Bonfireside Chat kept me hyped as I was playing it somewhat in parallel to their release schedule.


My huge, huge problem with Bayonetta is - it seems really fun and I really enjoyed the demo on the Wii U at the time. However, the concept of a female character attacking enemies by using her hair-suit as a whip and going naked just made cringe each time, and it just really turned me off from the games. Nudity can be great when done right, but here it honestly just feels forced and kinda puerile.


Tbh I thought Danika was already doing the cosplay


i put off buying Thumper for months due to an unfounded pessimism that my current computer wouldnt run it at a setting that i felt would honour the game’s incredible style and sense of speed. when i did finally get it, to my joy and chagrin, it ran perfectly at max settings on my clunker of a rig at the time. that game rules i just wish i had gotten to it months sooner


I haven’t played Bayonetta 1. Am I missing out. So I need to play it before two?
That’s my reason


Bayonetta 1 is absolutely worth it, I’d recommend getting the two bundled together, whether you’re playing on the WiiU or Switch. (Though I’m not sure, I think both versions are maybe always bundled with the first game, which is a very smart move from Platinum)


As someone who just finished Bayonetta 1 on the Switch, I really don’t think it’s necessary for any other reason than to have a point of comparison and be able to say “holy shit, this is so much better” every ten seconds in Bayonetta 2.

As for story context… it really doesn’t help. Trust me. What I understand about Bayonetta after finishing the first game is… not much more than what I understood about it before playing it.


One note on this: a bunch of Bayo 1 codes bundled with the Bayo 2 physical release don’t work. Apparently if the code doesn’t start with B1, it’s wrong, and getting a new code through Nintendo Support seems to be hit or miss.

Also, Bayo 1 didn’t get a physical release, so you’ll need to have a nice big memory card for that download.


That’s a good note to take, I wasn’t aware.
I only have the WiiU versions myself, plus Bayo 1 on Pc and 360.
If it’s any consolation the first game is pretty cheap and widely available on other platforms.


Yeah, I have the Wii U Bayo 1+2 release as well, so I don’t feel the need to double dip. Just a note for people interested in the Switch version.


I do this with so many more games than ones I actually play. It’s like window shopping on the internet.

Bayonetta 1 is currently awaiting me on my Steam library, and I am psyched to read in other comments here that the sequel is even better.


I’ll get it for switch if it comes with 1, I’ll dip. But 2 seems solid. Bit worried about the male gaze thing but I do like dramatics and big set pieces.


It took me way too long to give Metal Gear Solid a chance because I had assumed it was like a very gritty and militaristic shooter. The only first-hand experience I’d had with the series was playing the MGS4 demo around when the game came out, and I really didn’t like it. Of course, all my preconceptions were dispelled as soon as I gave the series a shot, and it turned out that MGS4 was just a bad game, not reflective of the entire series. MGS ended up being my way of getting back into video games after having mainly played Call of Duty multiplayer throughout my highschool years.


It depends on what you’re looking to get from the game. Bayonetta 2 is certainly prettier with more bombastic setpiece-moments, but the combat and encounter design are actually weaker than Bayo 1, and that really starts to show on higher difficulties. Still one of the best games in it’s genre, though.


I do not understand how people can support either game [CW rape] when a boss fight in both quite clearly has a move where there is implied rape. As @VulpesAbsurda mentioned in The “Should I buy this game” thread it completely ruins any good will that game was trying to achieve when it’s developers sat back and thought that was an okay thing to put in. The fact that people keep bringing this series up and not addressing the elephant in the room clearly sends the message that things like this are fine as long as it’s hidden away in an otherwise good game.


I’ll be honest, I never encountered that fight or even heard of the controversy around it until well after playing both games, so at a certain point any opinion I have on the series comes from already loving the games for a while.

With that being said, I genuinely don’t know how much I hold one truly terrible part against the whole for any work. This isn’t excusing it, or forgiving it, but even appreciating how gross and awful it is I don’t know if I can say the entirety of everything else it does is therefor worthless or unenjoyable. I’m not going to be one of those people who have waves it off as some nonsense about her “losing her power” and that “he just smokes all the time” because that’s bullshit. It’s very, very clear what that implies to anyone with a brain.

At the same time, it’s one part of a much larger game, almost all of which doesn’t traffic in this particular kind of awful. I don’t think that it helps that the awful content is hidden, it’s there whether for the player to see not some hot coffee style buried in code that was never meant to see the light of day.

Lots of things have really problematic elements to them, and I’d be willing to bet everyone holds something dear that they will fully admit has a deeply wrong part to it. To me, Bayonetta doesn’t carry forward that message or that attitude for the majority of the time you play it, or even an appreciable amount. It is a fuck up that is colossal in terms of its message, but miniscule in terms of how much it occupies the whole.

Maybe that’s just me paving a road of excuses to something I enjoy, I’m sure some people will view it that way and there’s probably some truth to it. Bayonetta is a weird series with weird issues, and I make no excuses for just how disgusting that particular part of it is. I just can’t condemn the entire thing for that one issue, but I don’t disagree with others who can.

Sorry if that was rambling, it’s hard to spell out my thoughts on the matter.