Why This Developer Is Releasing a New Wii Game in 2020

The Wii, if you can believe it, was released nearly 14 years ago. Most companies stopped making games for Nintendo’s cultural phenomenon years ago, as interest for motion controls faded and, as the cycle goes, players moved to new powerful hardware. There are two exceptions to this rule: Ubisoft, which has continued to release annual updates to Just Dance (and if history repeats, will release Just Dance 2021 for the Wii this fall!), and designer Brian Provinciano, who released his Grand Theft Auto-esque open world game, Shakedown: Hawaii, this week.

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Shakedown Hawii send tweet


Huh, this sounded like it was just as much work for Nintendo as it was for the developer. I’m surprised they agreed to figure out the logistics required to for the game to be released.