'Wide Ocean Big Jacket' Is About the Million Tiny Moments That Define Our Lives

If there’s a phase of life more awkward than being a teenager, it might be when you’re old enough to hang around teenagers. The gap between the daily lived experience of each group is so vast, so incomprehensibly different, that even making small talk can be an effort worthy of trying to send a person to space. It’s why, understandably, each side often does its best to avoid the situation entirely. But you lack such a choice when camping, an event where all parties are next to each other, and that’s where Wide Ocean Big Jacket sets itself.

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What if you went on A Short Hike with other people?

Alright I’m sold.


I played this this evening it is: nice

I specifically wanted to note I enjoyed the physicality of the walking animations - hunching up when they’re walking uphill, kind of awkwardly bouncing when they’re walking downhill. it’s really nice, I enjoyed it.

(also Mord is Brad and Cloanne’s niece, not nephew? just ftr? you had me expecting gay kids and it is not that lmao)