Wilco-Inspired Mystery Game Tries to Show Why Your Favorite Bands Break Up

Rivals puts you in the position of a music journalist working on a book about two artists who simply hate each other. It asks you to put together a timeline of the two fictional rock musicians' careers by piecing together clues from interviews, songs, and other ephemera. Inspired by classic musical rivalries like the one between Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and Son Volt's Jay Farrar or the clashes between bands The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre in the documentary Dig!, Rivals is a mystery that's also trying to answer questions about what it means to be a music fan. 

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He also did an earlier brit pop version that’s playable for free in case anyone wants to try it out.

Also, congrats for avoiding mentioning Obra Dinn which is kind of an achievement considering the type of deduction gameplay involved.

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