Will Nidhogg II's new art style hurt its sales?


Since its reveal, Nidhogg II has had a lot of controversy around its change in art style. Fans of the first game either dislike its drastic change, or have embraced this weird new take.
For a great number of people the art appears to be a breaking point between a purchase or a pass, and I’m sitting here wondering whether it’ll ultimately hurt the potential sales of the game.

On one hand I think creators should follow their hearts, to put their personal expression as a priority over the cries of the masses, on the other I think the character art is woefully unappealing and it has personally put me off from playing it.


The new art looks both fantastic and vastly superior to the original and anyone who thinks otherwise can fight me.


If there one thing I learned from people who complain in the video game world is that they don’t really actively do what they say. The game will sell cause people still want to play something good regardless of it art style.


just finished watching the giant bomb QL game looks Gorgeous and right amount of Gross The God rays on the Clould Lvl O my GOSH

Also your screenshot a bad screen shot imo


I came away from the Giant Bomb QL myself with the opposite impression, which prompted me to write this.
My issue is mainly with the character art and animation, it’s hard to get over for me.


It isn’t all that different from other games with striking visual aesthetics in how polarizing it can be. I mean, I know lots of people who don’t like pixel art in general etc.

Nidhogg is a weird one because as far as many were concerned, the first game was pretty much a perfectly streamlined game, and the idea of a sequel wasn’t appealing because it’d add too much to what is a great fighting game. That along with the look was caused the initial disinterest.

But I think @Metalsnakezero is right to an extent. What’s weird is that up until seeing the QL, I had no idea they added online to the game and that makes it almost an instabuy for me and I imagine a lot of other people, even those who don’t care for the look.

EDIT: oh, and for anyone keeping a tally of this, the art style is :kissing_closed_eyes: :ok_hand:


I recently had a Niddhog tournament with a bunch of friends who had never played or even heard about it & every single one fell in love with it almost immediately. When I told them about Niddhog 2 a lot of them got really excited but then they saw the art & I quote “the art for that game makes me want to vomit, but i can’t stop looking at it”. I think only one or two people were able to get over the art & are considering purchasing it.

I’ll say I love how grotesque the art is which I feel the original game tried to convey in some regards considering how brutal it could be (see spine breaking, the blood & the Nidhogg itslef). The thing that has me a little concerned is the precision from the original game being lost in this one because of the new art style which is something I’d really only be able to see by getting my hands on.

Lastly, my partner, who really likes the original, feels uncomfortable looking at images of the game which is a bummer because I really enjoy playing with them but it might be a deal breaker for them.


I was really perturbed when I first saw the new characters with their weird Worms sequel/Clayfighters aesthetic, but having seen more of the context and variety, the style’s clicked with me a lot more. As people have said, the original was such a pure experience - @Moom makes a great point regarding concerns about precision - that it’s hard to imagine what mechanical additions will feel like, but I’d at least want to check it out.


I think when it comes to hurting sales, that is likely to emerge out of a narrative that comes from it. It’s hard to imagine a Nidhogg II narrative that doesn’t talk about ‘polarising visuals’ or ‘interesting visuals’, even if they don’t come down to ‘bad visuals’. Even if I, personally, think they look fine, it’s hard to imagine it not hurting sales a little.

That said, do I like that the devs went for them? Absolutely! Push the envelope, cultivate a unique style, and make something that could surprisingly win people over. I’m all for that.


When I first saw Nidhogg II, I couldn’t believe how far they strayed from the usual Messhof style, which I consider to be a perfect video game art style. It took me a while, but I’ve at least begun to appreciate what they’re doing technically, even if I don’t like the faces and the movement looks a little hard to deal with.

Honestly, I probably won’t buy it until I try it at someone’s house or something and see if I like it. I’d buy a new version of the first Nidhogg with the online capabilities this one is reported to have, absolutely.

I think the most important thing to remember when being critical of Nidhogg II is that the first one will always exist and be available.


I’ve played neither game, and haven’t seen it much in motion, so my opinion might not be worth much. But I think the first Nidhogg looks kinda like nothing, and this looks like something. I also think it’s fantastic that a sequel can look so drastically different. It’d be neat if more series changed it up like that (and not just “This time it’s kinda cel-shaded”).


I can totally see why people would be turned off by the new art style, but mainly I’m just happy the Victory Worm now matches the rest of the game’s look.

It really bugged me how out of place that thing looked in the first one.


I firmly believe the art will not affect sales at all.

Also, I understand that many people are vocally disgusted by the art style, and I’ve extensively read back-and-forth threads on whether it’s awful or not (to my own detriment!!!) but I think it’s fucking rad.


I really really loved the original Nidhogg aesthetic, including the really dope music by Daedelus, and I have to admit I was really really thrown when I first saw the new art.

I’m going to deny the usual arc and say, I still haven’t come around on it. I know people say you have to see it in motion, and I have… It just doesn’t gel with me for some reason.

It won’t ever stop me from buying and playing the new game though! Plus this time around you’ve also got doseone and Baths providing music too so I’m really excited for the new OST.

[Edit: Best track in Nidhogg which I will happily just sit and listen to]


If you like the soundtrack to Nidhogg, you should definitely play FlyWrench if you haven’t already!


Oh wow, I hadn’t heard of that at all this looks great! Love me some Daedelus


I don’t think it’s all Daedalus, but it’s the other game from Messhof and its soundtrack is similar and real good.


I feel like both art styles fit Messhof’s punky aesthetic, but the style in Nidhogg 2 is a very different kind of punk. I’d imagine it’s jarring to a lot of people who expected there’d be artistic consistency (artistency?) from the original to its sequel, but I think it’s pretty interesting.


Oh yeah, I also really don’t like Doseone, the new soundtrack might be an even stronger reason I won’t be buying in than the art style.

Flywrench soundtrack is amazing, though.


I hate the new art style personally. I thought I’d warm up to it but the more stuff I see the more I realize how much it would interfere with my enjoyment of the game if I purchased it. To each their own, glad a lot of people seem to have come around on it.