Will Smith's Genie

Bold move of Disney to position their Aladdin remake as a stealth reboot of the Scorpion King franchise.

Gotta give them props for thinking outside the box like this.


(I could not find the fox photo I wanted in the 450+ photos I have on my hard drive so I went with that one instead)


The Fresh Djinn of Bel-Air


The one and only… genie of the lamp…

(He looks like one of the Na 'Vi from Avatar).

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i appreciate this so much, i’m gonna be spending upwards of $30 this year with the sole purpose of seeing cg characters interact with real ass people

it’s like a bunch of movie studios got together and decided that in 2019 they’d make movies just for me

I really hope that his face always lags behind the rest of his body for a few moments, to really hammer home the impression that someone just superimposed his face on a blue cgi model.

Hey guys, do you remember that a Mary Poppins sequel came out recently?

Yeah, like a full blown sequel. Remember that? It was a sequel to the timeless classic.

Yeah, me neither. It’s almost like Disney is throwing its properties at the wall and seeing what sticks.

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Every time I look at this image it grows more powerful. If you haven’t seen him in motion, or seen his grotesque back, you Must. I’m in awe this movie isn’t in turnaround with how all the post-production looks - but, well, I guess maybe it doesn’t matter? Maybe it doesn’t matter, and maybe people can’t tell the difference between this, Dumbo, and The Lion King. Imagine getting into making CG because you grew up watching the Star Wars prequels and Lord of the Rings movies and Disney decides actually this is fine

Never before has the first footage of an actor in a role they have already been confirmed to be playing, managed to de-convince me that they have been cast from that role. Like, I watched that trailer and now I’m no longer certain that Will Smith is in this movie. I think they just got permission to use his likeness and are just pretending to have him through techno-magic. This is Deepfake Will Smith.


This must be what it’s like to watch the tape from The Ring

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I’ve poured over the ancient texts and I feel I should share this with everyone:

Mark your front entryway with a large blue X tonight and The Blue One will pass over your abode and spare you.


I’ve always thought these remakes have looked like weird shitty knock offs. Glad to see people are finally agreeing with me.

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Like, I get the skepticism 100%, it’s Disney, people don’t really like or necessarily want remakes, and CGI can often be used as a crutch, but I cant help but be at least a little pumped. It’s nice to see a big budget Hollywood movie starring brown folks where the text of the film has nothing to do with their brown-ness (not to drag those movies).

Especially since this movie and the upcoming Mulan might not have been considered if there wasn’t already some buy-in through nostalgia. Sure, they’re based on movies written for Western audiences, but they bypass some of the scrutiny that they might have gotten by virtue of already being beloved properties, and made by Disney.

All that said, while not all rep is good rep, at least they ain’t eating monkey brains.

A friend of mine had the best take on this.


What’s crazy is the new genie also got shown alongside Tim Burton’s Dumbo. Between those two films and Favreau’s boring ass Lion King, this year’s remakes could not be more different. Ritchie’s Aladdin looks like a gonzo underbudget failure and the effects look awful. Favreau’s Lion King looks lavishly produced but doesn’t seem to have a concept for why it exists. Burton’s Dumbo is the only one that looks like a real movie, and not because it has the best effects of the three - but it’s still based on crappy ol’ Dumbo!

I have yet to actually enjoy my time with one of these live action remakes, dating back to when Burton started all this with his Alice (though - not a remake!) But this year highlights three different ways this trend is misguided from the jump.

March - Captain Marvel & Dumbo
April - Avengers: End Game
May - Aladdin
June - Toy Story 4
July - Spider-man: Far From Home & The Lion King
November - Frozen 2
December - Star Wars: Episode IX

They can’t all be good but I guess they will all make money.

It made $330 mil at the box office, still making returns even if nobody talks about it.

Technically Spider-man: Far From Home is a Sony Pictures movie.