Will The Waypoint PAX Panel Be Recorded?

I might have missed this but will the Waypoint PAX panel be recorded? I noticed it wont be streamed so I was hoping they might record it and put it on the site.

My understanding is that Austin (either on the last Breakfast & Battlegrounds or the previous Waypoint Radio, my memory fails me) said it would be a live Waypoint Radio, so it should be recorded and go up in the usual podcast feed? That’s my understanding, at any rate.

I think Paxamania is usually recorded and posted/shared around too, but that probably isn’t what you meant!

It’s not your memory, they said something about it couple of times here and there, but in kinda vague terms (they were still figuring it out themselves), so I’m still not sure what we gonna get. One (latest?) version was that there gonna be a traditional podcast (seems not, since it’s already Saturday) and then panel would be in a podcast slot, but later. Again, not sure, too vague.

All the best PAX panels are never streamed :disappointed_relieved:

In the case of PAX Wrestling those panels are usually uploaded to the youtube channel Giant Bomb Unarchived.
They tend to pick up anything giant bomb and live stream related.

Last I heard, the recording should go up sometime today. I could see it being delayed by a day though since it’s a holiday here in the US and I’m not sure how much editing work is required.

The show was very good and we had a great turnout! Hopefully we can look forward to more live Waypoint Radio at future events, and if they’re popular enough they might get allocated to the theaters that have streaming setups.

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