Wishlist Oddities


So lots of online stores now have wishlist functionality so you can throw games into a list if you’re not desperate for them now but want to remember them for later (sales). Except, sometimes you completely forget why you added a game or that you ever added it. So why don’t we do a thread with two functions: share the games you completely forgot you added to your wishlist and tell us about why games everyone is sharing are great and shouldn’t be slept on (or maybe they should be taken off that wishlist because the promise was never realised).

So, to start things off, I have no recollection of ever seeing any coverage of these games or why I added them to my wishlist:


I also have Thea, and these:

I use my wishlist too much as a “Check this out later” list and then entirely forget.


NaissanceE is definitely an interesting journey through some rather Brutalist structures, one to watch out for in the sales if you want to spend an hour or two just enjoying some stark scenery. The platforming isn’t great but there’s definitely a core of interesting level design that makes it worth exploring.


I recently cleaned my wishlist of any game I had forgotten about or didn’t care enough.

JULIA Among the Stars didn’t bring anything new to the table as a “space sci-fi with rogue AI” kind of game, but it’s a good point’n’click adventure with an also good story.


The Howler

I added it to my wishlist a little over a year ago and Im not 100% sure why beyond the art must’ve caught my eye. It goes on sale multiple times a month for 50 cents and I still havent bothered to pick it up. Id remove it from my wishlist but then I couldnt play “Is it The Howler again?” with my steam emails


There are actually several other games, all various types of small RPGs, on my list that I don’t really know why I added, but this one is special because I have absolutely no memory of adding it. Apparently I am attracted to the idea of small RPGs but never follow-through?

I have to be honest, I have not played any of the other games posted here, but now I want to check out NaissanceE.