Witcher Things - Netflix is bringing Geralt to the small screen!


via Patrick’s old stomping grounds: The Witcher is Getting a Netflix Series

Not much is known about the series yet. Anderzej Sapkowski seems to be fully on board. It is ostensibly based on the books, not the games, but the effects studio that made the games’ cinematics is doing the CGI for the series, and those cinematics’ director is directing the series.

This could be amazing if it mixes the kings vs sorcerers political intrigue that Geralt keeps getting swept up in in the novels with the Fractured Fairy Tale, monster-of-the-week style of the short story collections.

For the record, my favorite contract from the books is the play on The Little Mermaid, in which the incredulous mermaid is not so quick to give up her life in the sea.

Help Netflix Recast Geralt

Mads Mikkelsen as Geralt or bust.


“Who should play Geralt and why is it Mads Mikkelsen?”

Would be my first and last question to anyone responsible for this series.


DAMMIT I was about to post this. Also, the writer is a giant weiner and is being very “ugh, this will not lose the clever subtext like that AWARD WINNING GAME DID”. Either way, I love it. I’m super curious about who would portray what role.

edit: UPON FURTHER REVIEW, I believe Viggo “Violence” Mortenson would be a better Geralt than Mads “The Dad” Mikkelson
Vesemir - Charles Dance
Zoltan - Alan Tudyk
Letho - Vin Diesel
Ciri - JLaw
Gaunter - Professor Green
Keira - Reese Witherspoon
Triss - I have no idea
Eskel - Tommy Flanagan
Sigismund - Nick Frost
Lambert - Banderas


Im glad its based on the books, if it was the games i would be worried since pretty much every show/movie based on games are bad. Some video game tv/movies are good if you are fan of a franchise but they don’t succeed as a standalone


I think the games are actually a pretty good translation of the books (what I have said so far, 1.5 books into the series). But it would be silly to adapt an adaptation, even if the first go around was a pretty good interpretation of the source material.


I’m going to try to be somewhat realistic here (although I freely admit I’m not going to do better than Mads).

Geralt: Michael Rooker
Yen: Olga Kurylenko
Triss: Esme Bianco
Ciri: Natalia Dyer
Dandelion: Misha Collins
Kiera: Alona Tal


Jesus Henry Christ yes. YES.


I feel like this is a pretty warranted re-bump (rather than make a new thread – this OP is pretty solid) since this is now back in the conversation with a teaser being shown of Henry Cavill as Geralt.


It took this teaser to make me realise, “Oh, they want a cheap knockoff Game of Thrones”.

Maybe the terrible lighting of the test shot (how can you even tell if the makeup is any good with that lack of light?) helps cement that comparison.


Yeah, maybe it’s the poor lighting, but that makeup job, wig especially, does not look great.
I know my visual impression comes a lot from the games but I don’t think Cavill pulls off a believable Geralt; he looks more like budget Viggo Mortensen (also better with a beard) or a GoT extra.

Idk, it’s a lot of harp on the Geralt costume but it’s literally all we’ve seen.


Geralt of Rivia, a character in his 70s or 80s, hired sword whose first appearance ever is being nursed of a serious wound in melitele temple, but conveniently scar free and dapper looking like legolas surprised by a ghost