With Its Final Splatfest, 'Splatoon 2' Made Us Question the Nature of Its Universe

Chaos. Order. Which do you side with? This is the choice Nintendo has put in front of us with the final Splatfest of Splatoon 2. What at first may seem like a simple question proves to have wide reaching ramifications for the world of Splatoon 2. Is it in Order's nature to always fall into a fascistic mode, where the obliteration of free will is inevitable? Does true Chaos ever exist, or is it better described as a degree of Order? Why does Chaos seem to be represented by people that just wanna party? Does this dichotomy even matter if in the end all will return to the sea?

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Patrick not realizing the Bat vs. Knife e-mail was worded the exact same as the original Bombcast e-mail was incredible.


It’s funny Patrick mentioned that part of The Walking Dead because Telltale did another incredible Big Moment like that with Rhys’ storyline in Tales From The Borderlands to cap off his entire character arc. It was extremely visceral and effecting and btw TFTBL was the best game TTG made, no exaggeration.


Lore Reasons Splatoon when


I understand about life and children, but I don’t remember having the choice to be a picky eater. Like, at a poor enough level you just eat whatver is there. I didn’t start having real preferences until high school.
Jazz music is the background music of my life. It’s good stuff.
The worst gaming decision I ever made was trying to invest emotionally in bioware games. Turns out the stuff I care about is the stuff bioware themselves couldn’t be less interested in. All your choices matter, except any of them that arent these main eight decisions.
Anyway, weird and sometimes fun episode.
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I feel like having “Podcast” in your headline might be the opposite of good SEO.

Sure, but they could have a section on the main site that says “podcasts.” Or give it a “podcast” tag. I’ve never had an issue of clicking an article and it turning out to be a podcast on any other site I go to. They’re usually given their own section or clearly labeled. It’s frustrating.


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Listening to that pitch for the unionization ARG, I think Cado is already on Team Order and doesn’t realize it.

I’ve been to your 28th and Mission La Tacqueria and first of all: That place is now filthy with white people. Second: That ain’t spicy. Third: Hey! Don’t call that a bad area. My family’s from there.

Edit: When do we get Rob’s take on that new Top Gun trailer?

ARG stands for All-powerful Rob Game


The podcast header also misses things like Waypoints, even though they’re all bundled into the same aCast feed. I suspect this is intentional, but it makes it hard to find everything via the website