With the release of the FF12 remaster, do you think opinion of this game is going to improve?


The original game has been widely praised but I cannot help but feel that it has always been a mixed feeling every time it comes to fanbase reception when FF12 is brought up on message boards and such. I find it really interesting to see how the remaster is going to be received 11 years later

Now, it feels JRPGs are more on board with what FF12 offered. Apparently even Xenoblade creator Tetsuya Takahashi claimed the game was inspired by FF12’s new direction, which is considered as maybe the best JRPG of the previous generation. Maybe today is the perfect time to re-release this game to the world, especially considering that more and more people were able to be acquainted with Matsuno’s work. What do you think?

Here’s a list of the changes for the remaster for those interested.


I think there probably will be, if only because some of the improvements made are significant, particularly the high-speed and auto-saving. I do expect some revisionism is likely on FFXII; I feel like the idea of the Final Fantasies being totally disconnected (even in terms of gameplay) has gained traction in the long period without them.


I already think it’s the best Final Fantasy (that I’ve played) so I don’t quite see how my opinion is going to improve.


I’ve bounced off of it ~3 times now for whatever reason; hopefully the remake will get me to actually finish it for once.


I’m in the same boat honestly. I really like the setting of Ivalice, I love the Tactics games, but for whatever reason I haven’t been able to sit through more than the beginning of FFXII.


I actually think it will get an overall worse reception by virtue of the open world RPG being more of a thing now.


i always really liked xii, i put like 120 hours into it when it came out. the gambit system was brilliant imo


Huh. All the talk I’ve heard in the leadup to this remake has been people saying how it’s the best Final Fantasy game, so at least from where I’m sitting the general opinion is pretty high.

Never played it, but the art style looks like Xenoblade Chronicles in HD and that’s 100% enough for me to give a fuck, so probably getting this.


I’m interested to see if I’ll still like it or not. I recall enjoying it back when it was originally released, but I also don’t remember much of anything about it. It’s made me wonder whether I actually enjoyed it or it was just a generally unmemorable game. Hoping that playing the remaster will clear things up.


As an open-world who did not follow any trend that is so common today, it might stand out on its own. It heavily rewards exploration and isn’t a hand-holding experience and I feel those are things that more and more players wants these days.

Yeah, feels like fans are finally coming out of the woodwork since the announce of the remaster. It might be my own bubble but it always seemed like FF12 had a long-lasting echo chamber of disapproval though

Fan reception of 12 has always been a fascinating topic for me. It sometimes feel like a polarizing game despite near-unanimous critical reception from the press. I remember also hating the game back then. It was just so different in a brash way that I couldn’t bring myself to like it lol

It’s especially interesting to see what will come out of it now that this game is not going to be released after a juggernaut like FF10.


Well my perception of it is already improved because I had no idea the zodiac job system was even a thing cuz I played the first release. And I didn’t get the zodiac spear :alien:

That alone is making me much more excited than I was before


is vaan still in it


yeah, but they fixed his weird inverted abs, so at least it’s not torture to have to look at him anymore


I only played the demo that was included with Dragon Quest VIII back in the day. The combat just didn’t click for me at the time, and I never tried the retail release. I had a large enough PS2 RPG library that I still had unplayed games when I retired my console.

I’m definitely interested in picking up the remaster.