"Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" Successors?

The first shooter I ever played was Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. I lucked into a small-but-friendly community and dedicated server to start playing with, and it was pretty excellent. I’ve been missing those days and was wondering what games out there might match up with what I liked from W:ET.

  • Multi-objective Maps. W:ET maps generally had chained objectives - Allies would build an assault ramp -> capture one or two spawnpoints -> plant dynamite at Axis guns to win the round (IIRC). There were smaller construction opportunities available beyond the main line of objectives - engineers could create machinegun nests, plant mines, etc.
  • Hitscan Main Weapons. The default rifles and SMGs for most characters were hitscan, rather than the shotguns and spread-based weapons which seem to be more widespread these days (TF2, most Overwatch characters). While there were a few AOE weapons, they were specialist use rather than being commonplace.
  • Covert Action. Enemy Territory spies were able to steal the uniforms of hostile players and masquerade as them - not dissimilar to the spies from TF2, but a bit more involved.
  • Combined Arms. Success required team effort, rather than solo pushes (and respawns grouped teams together, so that cooperative movement was a bit more feasible).

Now, I’ve been out of the shooter scene for a while, with my more recent multiplayer shooters being the goofier TF2 and Overwatch. Any recommendations on something that might fit the bill here?

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The closest experience off the top of my head is Battlefield’s Rush mode. I believe it was introduced in Bad Company 2, and has been in every BF game since. Basically, one team is defending, and the other is on offense. The defending team must guard two objective sites from the offending team, who is trying to plant bombs at those sites. The bombs can be defused once planted, but if they go off, the site is lost. Once both sites are lost, the defending team then falls back to a newly-revealed part of the map and must defend two new objectives, and the previous objective sites become spawn points for the offensive team.

There is no spy role, but I think every other criteria is met: multi-objective maps, and team effort being both a necessity and mechanically encouraged through squad-based spawning (you can spawn either at spawn sites, or on any living squad mate who is not currently under fire). I don’t know if the weapons are hitscan or not, though; bullets definitely travel physical distance to hit enemies, because the game necessarily accounts for bullet drop (final edit to confirm that yes, BF uses hitscan).

Also, the mode fucking kicks ass. Hope this helps!


Save for the disguises, a lot of what you’re describing can be found in Halo 5’s Warzone mode. Large maps, hitscan main weapons, and multiple objectives requiring large scale team coordination. If you don’t have an Xbox, there’s murmuring of a PC version in the works, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.


I don’t know, but Enemy Territory fucking rules.


Thanks for the suggestions, folks! I am indeed a PC-only player, so not gonna hold my breath for Halo 5. I don’t think I’ve played any Battlefield games ever, so it’s probably high time that I check them out :slight_smile:

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