'Wolfenstein: The New Order' Is Waypoint 101's Next Game

"People are dying. The resistance calls on you."

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A true fight in a world of Nazis! I was surprise how both interesting the game setting was and how smart the mix of old school shooter and modern tricks worked out.


It’s like 5 bucks usd on gamesplanet right now if anyone needs to buy it.

Any timeline on when the first episode is going to be and roughly how much you intend to cover in it?

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Yaaaasss! All hail the secret best game of 2014! I just finished my third play through a few weeks back and it keeps getting better with time.

Aw yea! Good thing I just started replaying this. Looking forward to this.

I played TNO last month and hugely enjoyed it. I have some tips for people who wants to get on it, if you don’t want to read anything, just don’t click on the cursor

  • Have at least 2 hours in front of you when you start the game because the opening section isn’t representative of the whole game. I saw a lot of people who soured on the start, which is pretty much your standard fare shooter, but I like to believe it’s done on purpose to discover what the game really has to say beyond its origins. Some players don’t try to go beyond that opening and it’s a huge shame.

  • There is a strong choice to make early in the beginning, while the choice might be obvious considering exposition, there is a lot of good things in either side, so think about it for a sec, OR watch the rest on youtube after you beat the game

  • Read everything, lots of background is available on shelves and walls and it’s very interesting.

  • Search around ! Some areas gives a lot more freedom than you think and can give stuff that can be very useful ! Also check on upgrades, it’s supposed to fit your playstyle but read on it if you want to complete specific conditions that might give you abilities that you find useful

This game is love, it’s in a way a big giant foreplay to get the maximum enjoyment out of blowing nazi heads, but it also gives you so many interesting characters that you want to see succeed regardless of whether or not you like them.

One of the few games where I saw the cast of characters and genuinely told myself : “I want to see more of them, all of them”

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Sometimes you just feel like killing nazis.

Sounds like a great time to try the timeline I never played.

thanks for the tip!
Bought it and am excited to play along with the waypointers!

Started playing this for the first time recently and loved it at first. The presentation and atmosphere are great and the action feels good. What’s most impressive are the depth of the characters and how well the game manages its shifting tone. It manages to present Nazis as a real threat, not just as Generic Bad Guys (which even the original Wolfenstein failed to do), but as monstrous human beings perpetuating real horrors; something that sadly feels surprising in 2017.

I stalled out around Chapter 13 though; while it feels good to dispatch random mooks, anything bigger feels a little too bullet-spongey for me and I don’t really enjoy fighting them. I don’t know if it’s me (I generally don’t play shooters) or the game, but I felt like the game became a drag whenever I ran into anything with armor. Waypoint 101 focusing on this will give me the motivation to see it through to the end!

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This game is so, so good at explicitly making the emotional and ideological case for why you should enjoy shooting fascists in the face


The case shouldn’t be needed, and yet I so need this right now. Re-installing right now because this shit is going to be fucking cathartic.


I felt like throwing knives into nazis for completely unrelated reasons, so it’s cool that waypoint 101 is turning that into a social experience


Has anyone played The Old Blood? It’s also on sale for super cheap and wondering if it’s worth picking up.

Also I’m excited to play through New Order again

The Old Blood is more of The New Order’s gameplay with a less ambitious plot, mostly a “kill some Nazis and stop their scheme” throwback to the older Wolfenstein games. The handful of new weapons are all extremely good, particularly the grenade-launcher pistol, and the biggest shootouts are as good as any in The New Order. Its biggest problem is that way too much of the last third is spent fighting a new zombie enemy that’s way less reactive and interesting than the regular soldiers.


Oh man this literally made my day

Yeah! I was really impressed with how they portrayed the Nazis. A lot of games (including older Wolfensteins) basically just make them a reskin of generic Bad Guys. The New Order puts in the work to demonstrate how truly horrifying the Nazi regime was.

Seems worth at least a couple bucks, and now’s a good time to play. Thanks!

This will be my first Waypoint 101, should be exciting!

I played TNO shortly after seeing the trailer for The New Colossus and loved it! I’m looking forward to hearing the Waypoint team talk about it, especially after listening to the most recent Waypoint Radio.

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I’ve had the game installed for some time now waiting for an excuse to get it going, looks like I’ve got my excuse.
While really enjoying Nier:Automata it was the looming Waypoint spoilercast that led me to hunker down and make some real headway.