'Wolfenstein: The New Order' Is Waypoint 101's Next Game

Yeah! I was really impressed with how they portrayed the Nazis. A lot of games (including older Wolfensteins) basically just make them a reskin of generic Bad Guys. The New Order puts in the work to demonstrate how truly horrifying the Nazi regime was.

Seems worth at least a couple bucks, and now’s a good time to play. Thanks!

This will be my first Waypoint 101, should be exciting!

I played TNO shortly after seeing the trailer for The New Colossus and loved it! I’m looking forward to hearing the Waypoint team talk about it, especially after listening to the most recent Waypoint Radio.

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I’ve had the game installed for some time now waiting for an excuse to get it going, looks like I’ve got my excuse.
While really enjoying Nier:Automata it was the looming Waypoint spoilercast that led me to hunker down and make some real headway.

I just recently revisited this game. I actually wrote something on here about a month ago talking about why I’m excited for The New Colossus and that got me to dust off my copy. The events of this last weekend just inspired me to go through and get all the secrets and try to 100% the fucker.

I really wanted to enjoy this game when I first played it a year ago, instead I found myself bored by the story, alienated by the protagonist, and outright insulted by the way the game treats jewish people and the question of our resistance to the nazi regime during ww2. I won’t be playing it again personally, but I’ll be following along, I’m really interested to see how other people take the stuff that turned me off so thoroughly.

The first couple levels were cool though before it went down a rabbit hole shaped like a laser gun.

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So I wasn’t able to try this with the last game because I didn’t own it and I’m trying not to buy new games until I work through my backlog somewhat, but Wolfenstein is a perfect one for me as I’ve always wanted to play through it!

Are there any sort of rules with playing the Waypoint 101 games? Do we only play until a certain point and discuss or play on our own pace and come back here to discuss how we are liking the game? Is there a final book report required? :turtle:

Got home from work, joined the community and downloaded this game right away. Can’t wait to participate in my first Waypoint 101!

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I’m sure they gonna address problems too.

I more disappointed from a Waypoint 101 perspective. It would be perfectly fine 5th or, even better, 10th episode of a monthly show, but picking pretty recent, very popular and talked to death game for a second episode of constantly delayed show? Not that great. I get it, you wanna kill Nazis, but you can pick other game (believe me, they exist!). Even from other “Wolf” games – they maybe worse, but still interesting candidates for dissection.

tl;dr I already played it! T_T Both timelines!

I’m not sure if this is the place to start talking about it either but dang, I forgot how good this game can be. Yes, it definitely isn’t perfect and has some typical tropes, but how they introduce Frau Engel and Bubi on the train is incredible!

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On their end, Waypoint 101 will split the game into as many segments as is reasonable for a game (e.g. Binary Domain was cut into two by chapter count), which we’ll hear about down the line. For the readers, you can feel free to jam away at your own pace and contribute up to the point that the staff have reached as the threads go up.

Of course, if you want to submit your own final reports ahead of the deadline, that’s totally fine!

I just remembered that I wrote a whole thing last year about TNO. Consider this my final report everyone!


Started The New Order a year or so ago and foolishly tried it on a hard difficulty setting. I made it several hours in before getting stuck in a room where I kept dying or running out of bullets and I hadn’t made a backup save. I was pretty bummed when I gave up on it because I’d loved the challenge up until then but man that particular room just drained me.

This is a good excuse for me to go back and start over though. I’ll try the other timeline this time and probably a not-as-hard setting.
Looking forward to the discussions!

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I played the first level or two on normal and then bumped it down to the condescending pacifier baby mode and had so much fun. The game came to life once I did that. It was SO cathartic to play this game on easy, where you become an angel of death. I probably stabbed more nazis than I shot. As opposed to a harrowing cover shooter where every misstep could be my last. That was not what I was looking for from this particular game.

I had some problems with the way the Da’At Yichud was portrayed as it leans into some capital P problematic tropes and stereotypes regarding Judaism that I did NOT need in my nazi murdering simulator,
but it wasn’t enough to take away from the stuff I thought the game brought to the table. Killing Bubi might be my favorite gaming moment of this year.


Very disappointed to see that there’s no mods for New Order to make BJ a Juggalo. Oh well, killing Nazis is still fun even if you’re not wearing clown makeup while you do it.

Awesome news! I just beat Horizon earlier this week, freeing up space to download this game again.

I still haven’t gotten through the whole thing yet, but I’m getting close.

One of my favorite things about this game is the dichotomy between the guns/knives blazing sections and then heading back to your super secret base to mull over your accomplishments and recover. It serves as a mental release for me after the stress of the mission and I naturally connect with my fellow resistance fighters as we come to terms with the regime we’re fighting.

Aaaah I’d meant to finally play this before the sequel came out but there’s a lot I’m playing already. That being said, might as well use this as an excuse to fit it in somehow. Hopefully the pace allows for the time I can give it.

Beat this for the first time last month. The pacing and the narrative are great, and I appreciate how much variety there is to what you’re doing throughout the game. But coming to this after playing a ton of DOOM, Titanfall 2, and Overwatch, I found some of the combat sections to be a drag with how slow it all felt. Yes, duel-wielding shotguns was satisfying, but I really missed the mobility and the variety of weapons/abilities in the games I mentioned. Thankfully, TNO strikes a good balance between balls-out gunfighting and slow moments.

Looking forward to hear Waypoint’s thoughts on it!


Started the game today, about 2 hours in, I’ve found the combat to be pretty fun but y’know, pretty standard.
What I like about it is the world, presentation and–I didn’t expect this–the story.
I didn’t expect it to be so touching, especially after the cheesy machismo difficulty settings and game exit screen. Outwardly it appeared to have more of a DOOM in WWII kind of tone.
Looking forward to play more of it, so far it has grabbed me.

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