./' work sucks / I know ./' (jobs thread)


what do you folx do for a living? how is it?

I’ve been working as a freelance dev, editor, and writer for a few months. all the typical upsides & downsides of freelancing. It’s nice to have the time to write and work on projects, but it’s fairly stressful and the freelance dev work is never that exciting. at least, not compared to the projects that full-time or contract devs get roped in on

I’ve been looking to make the move to full-time, but I’d really love to be moving into games somehow. It seems like there are a fair amount of Unity positions floating around here in NY at game dev companies, creative agencies, sims companies, etc., which is nice. I’ve been putting a portfolio together to apply to them, but still a month or so out from having anything that I could reasonably bring to a job listing.

tell me bout you


I’m a preschool teacher, I’m paid dirt but it’s rewarding af. I love my job.


I die slowly in an electronics manufacturing factory.


Going through interviews rn. Job hunting is exhausting but at least people are starting to respond to my applications.


I’m a part-time math tutor for this tutoring center; I mainly help middle-elementary schoolers, but there are a few high schoolers there, too. Our curriculum is a little rote, but I try to slip some interesting mathematics in there every once in a while; been reading up a lot on the history of mathematics and blending that into my teaching, since I think the context behind these numbers and equations is so, so important.


Quit my admin job to make music.

Probably a really bad idea.


Conveyancing clerk in a small law firm.


Yeah. I’ve been going through the job hunt/application/interview process it for six months, since a career change. It is difficult to verbalize how inexorable and complete the emotional and psychic cost of it is. Crushing.


I currently work as a video producer / editor / story producer / after effects guy for a smaller company out here in Los Angeles. We do commercials, tv pitches, reels, ad spots, sizzles, etc. I love the casual, laid back atmosphere and that we’re a smaller outfit. There are the usual deadlines and stressors that this type of work has, but everyone is chill.


I work part time at a wholesale store while I try to get an internship. The pay’s okay (not enough to move out though) and the benefits are good but damn do I hate working here.


Freelance sound designer and composer. Still ~chasing the dream~ and I pick up a part-time job when it’s bad.

I’ve been doing 1 or 2 commissions or contracts a week, so it’s not too bad, but I really haven’t had a big project in a while. The two hardest things about freelance are finding the work and stopping the work to live your life. I feel that I’m in decent control of my life, though, and solving problems or tightening my belt can be less stressful because of this.


Sovial media dude and allround media potato for a university. Temporary as for now, but fun.


I work as a programmer in an animation studio, which is a weird combo of a job I feel competent at and a field I love working in. It’s also weird just being in a salaried position and working here for two years.

It’s uh, not something I expected to be possible.


I’ve been in food service for too long. Pays okay and all that. But managing any number of minimum wage employees while trying to both keep your bosses happy and not be evil is basically impossible.

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I’m actually slacking off right now in my position as produce clerk at my local Kroger


I’m working as an admin assistant at the family law firm and the ease of getting it, that the job really means I’m just the scanner jockey, and that I only work a day a week means I’m both so ashamed and disgusted by the job that I’d rather just say I’m unemployed.

And now that songs stuck in my head. You asshole.


I work in IT for a local dev shop. I love the work because we’re a small team so I get to touch a bit of everything. Probably doesn’t pay as well for the work I do but I love the people I work with and the work I do so I’m cool with it for the most part.


I’m an attorney. Left a job at a law firm that sucked the life out of me but paid well for a short term gig working for a judge that pays worse but affords me actual time for gaming and having a life outside of work.


I have a temporary job doing research with robots. I’ll be moving to Boston for school in the fall and am hoping to get a research job with the university. After school I’m planning on going into games user research.


I worked in restaurants for about 3 years. There are some things I miss so so dearly like meeting people from all walks of life. But yeah managing that stuff can be tough. No one ever wins. Place is never making enough money and employees never have enough hours.