Working From Home? Welcome

Definitely! $500 is a very good price for a (new) chair of that quality.

As for the mounts, for most people the main advantage is opening desk space underneath your monitors, but for some people there is also a definite ergonomic advantage. I’m a little bit taller than the US average, and I find that a lot of stock monitor stands don’t adjust high enough for me when everything else is in an appropriate position. Even a cheapo Inland arm gives the extra inch or two of height that I need. For arms, the low-end ones do tend to slip down a bit even when putting really tight tension on them. The more expensive (~$100) ones don’t do that.

Although if you’re ok with the ergonomics of your current monitor configuration, I’d instead echo epigraph’s suggestion to look into a high-end keyboard first if you don’t already have one. I went mechanical like two years ago, and I wish I’d done so sooner.

After working from home for 2 years or so I finally updated my office space recently. There are things on the walls now!

One thing that I’ve found really helps me is to switch it up some days. Being at my desk in my room is pretty draining sometimes, so I try to switch it up and work from my laptop elsewhere when I can. Another area of my place, outside (when possible), etc. Helps break up the tedium a bit.


Having started working from home from the pandemic, and being absolute furry garbage, it’s funny to me how I’m just casually looking at my furry nonsense while I work.