Workshop Subcategory Rules


The Workshop category is the place to post your original work and creative pursuits. Whether your passion is music, drawn art, video, or whatever else, there’s a home here.

As we outline in Rule 7 of the Forum Rules & Code of Conduct, we’re super happy to support the creative people in this forum. We conceptualise this as the place to go, so please keep it here as opposed to other sections of the forum.

If you’re a creator, share your work in The Workshop. We love seeing your stuff, but we ask that you don’t make posts about the things you create as being your first and/or only posts. Please make an effort to be a member of the community and not as someone only interested in self promotion.

Consequently, there’s a few additional subcategory-specific rules to bear in mind when posting here.

  • While our Code of Conduct encourages folks not to double-post, we understand that creators might be making content faster than folks can respond. Consequently, double posting is more acceptable here than elsewhere.
  • While folks might have multiple ongoing projects, we would prefer if creators kept their content to one thread. If you move on from one project and feel like a new thread would be a good move, we would appreciate it if you depreciated the older thread when you make the new one.


Hey there, Waypointeers! We’d appreciate it if you checked out this thread, as we’ve finalised our subcategory-specific rules for the Workshop! Please keep these in mind while posting here.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to send me (or the rest of the mod team!) a private message so that we can clarify these rules. We may well be adding new ones if the need arises, so watch this space!