World of Warcraft Classic - Back to Vanilla

Just wondering if anyone’s going to try out WoW Classic which launches tomorrow. I’ll be on the US Skeram server, looking forward to it.

Well someone is sure playing it, because the server I tried to join has a queue of 20,000.

Those are all gold farmers.

I was interested in checking it out, but not enough to resub to wow after quitting several months ago (p much immediately after 8.2 launched - it did not catch my interest at ALL).

I did play some back in the day ish, pre Catclysm at least, so I remember class trainers serving a purpose and talent trees and actually having to carry food and water I guess? So if I were still playing it’d be a fun nostalgia trip, I suppose.

(I feel like it won’t, in general, hold people’s interest for very long. They’ll check it out for a month or two and then move on. I could be wrong! But. That’s my expectation.)

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I’ve been playing it! It’s definitely got my interest more than last time I tried WoW - I think that was around Warlords of Draenor? Just frustrating finding people to play with on the regular due to server stuff.

I’m considering jumping back in if there’s a waypoint or giantbomb guild.

Although I’ve recently resubbed to retail WoW (I find it at its most enjoyable as a podcast game while leveling), I don’t really have any interest in classic. It just gives me flashbacks to how painfully slow the progression was, and how much time was spent waiting to do something (spending ages queueing for PvP in the city, when you could be questing).

I’m curious what percentage of people will bounce off of classic versus getting sucked in.