Worst JRPG Party Members


Hmm, I actually expected his homelife to be more central to his arc. That’s disappointing. I’m taking a short break from P5 to play other game but I’m about 85ish hours in…

Seems like a lot of people are disappointed about the character arcs in P5.


Honestly Persona just seems to inspired a lot of disappointed reactions. You could name a party member and a good few people will explain how they were a disappointment or frustrated them.


I wonder why…

I assume because it’s so ALMOST there. It’s nuanced to a point and then falls flat, maybe?


I would have preferred them going back to Persona 3’s structure of introducing characters who are each struggling with their individual life issues, building up those conflicts through the second act, and then having them pay off in the third act when you’ve had a lot of time to know each one of them.

4’s structure of front-loading each character’s arc and having an ancillary story behind their social link worked alright in that game because the tone is overall much more easygoing, but it didn’t work out very well at all in 5.


Ok first of all, how dare you? And Chu-Chu is the only character that can heal gears! And she has dances!

But also you’re right…

There’s a few I can think of from Chrono Cross: Korcha, Poshul, and Pierre namely.

Like 99% of the world I’m also not a big fan of Ryuji from Persona 5. Or Morgana.

And from FFXV: everyone but Ignis.


I think that’s about it. It’s a frustrating series because it gets really interesting, but then it’ll do something that completely sabotages its own themes and you have to sort of mentally expect that and be willing to put that in a box to be able to enjoy all the stuff that’s cool and interesting about it.

It’s a balancing trick that I can still just about manage, but it is wearying that they never seem to learn.


Pooshul was my go-to before Teepo, Dr Monoclipipoo


I almost went looking for a gif of when Poshul gets kicked off the cliff by…I wanna say Karsh (?) at the beginning.


This smug, shitheaded know-it-all. Jade Curtiss, from Tales of the Abyss, is intimately familiar with literally every single trial and tribulation faced by your party and indeed the entire game world, but does basically nothing about it. He’s absolutely infuriating, but only after you finish the game and really absorb how in-depth his understanding of literally everything happening was.


Jade is great for both team dynamic and the fact that he’s one of the few examples of a sociopath character treated with some actual dignity and depth.


Kids are usually awful in JRPGS , but those two were unbearable.


Mitsuru in Persona 3 because Tentarafoo.

And yea Prompto in FFXV because I’m pretty sure he was dead 80% of the time no matter what gear I put on him.


I assume we’re talking games we otherwise like, otherwise it’d be, like the entire cast of FFVIII.

Gau from FFVI comes to mind. Incredibly annoying, and mechanically just completely out of place.


Honestly, you could probably blame most of that on the badly translated script. The translation stories for the PS1 Square games are horror stories.


Surprised no one, or everyone, from Bravely Default hasn’t been mentioned yet. The voice acting was pretty grating but I don’t think the actors had much to work with given the main cast was four whiney teens determined to ignore the advice/pleas of everyone around them.

Also can’t stand Vaike from Fire Emblem: Awakening or, generally the sort of trope character he is–overconfident and loud but incredibly bad at what he does.


I’m not sure I’d agree. Is the translation really any worse than FFVII? 'Cause that was pretty bad and I still loved the characters. Maybe a better translation would make some of their motivations less bizarre…


Remember when the witch gives that introduction speech? They literally had to make up the vast majority of it because they lacked what they needed of the original script and context.


You do bring up a good point about Chu-Chu’s healing abilities. Also, it was kind of funny when she got (disc 2 stuff) crucified alongside all the other gears.

What a weird game that was.


Worst party members ever are definitely Edward from Final Fantasy IV and Kaim’s dumbass grandkids in Lost Odyssey. Also literally every single character in Sudeki.


Character-wise, Ryuji is definitely the absolute pits. I mean, this asshole. Screeching at Futaba in her castle, completely ignorant to anything but his own anger. What a dick. But at least he can beat the snot out of some monsters.

For character/gameplay combo, Morgana is the worst. I wanted to toss him in a sack after about the second “You’re so gorgeous, Panther.” Then he throws a temper tantrum in the middle of the game for absolutely no reason whatsoever. At least his uselessness in battle means there’s no guilt about keeping him as backup so he can just spend all his SP healing the party between fights.

I just started Madoka Magica up again a couple nights ago and realized that the voice actress for Kyubey is the same as Morgana and, I don’t know, maybe I just noticed that subconsciously and that’s why I wanted Morgana to have as little involvement as possible.