Worst JRPG Party Members


lol fair enough, and yeesh that explains a lot


…I like Final Fantasy 8 and Ryuji.


You know, reading through this, I feel Ryuji in P5 has so many of the same issues. (I also hated Yosuke in P4, but it’s been long enough that it has faded for me, while Ryuji remains teeth-grindingly bad in most situations.)


honestly I’ve been thinking about this and I feel like I should have a lot to contribute but I cannot think of a single character in anything I dislike even half as much as yosuke hanamura

(yeah put me down as a ryuji liker idgaf he’s a sweetheart)


His English dub nails the teenage rascal vibe. I honestly think that performance goes a long way!


I like Ryuji honestly, in comparison with Yosuke. Sure he can be obnoxious, but he actually stands for something, his anger is grounded in something real and I never felt like he was trying to impress me.


I haven’t played P5 so I can’t comment on Ryuji, but I can’t conceive of any possible reality where Yosuke doesn’t win all 10 slots in the top 10 worst RPG team members list.


I’m usually pretty forgiving of voice acting, and I don’t even usually notice performances that others say are bad, but I had to turn the volume off sometimes when there was about to be a dramatic Agnes performance in Bravely Default.



spoilers obviously

Recency bias for me would probably be Gladiolus from FFXV, but I still can’t shake just how infuriating Morganna was in Persona 5 when he has his emo breakdown and derails everything you do for weeks because the main character lacks the willpower to exit his bedroom without the approval of a fictional cat.


Yep, Agnes gets my vote as well. There’s something about her voice that I found very irritating during the first hours of the game. Tiz’s wasn’t too great either, but at least he isn’t as gloomy. I had no problems with Ringabel or Edea though.


Came into this thread to say Yosuke, that homophobic human trash bag, but see has already had sufficient hate.

Beyond games with just terrible casts altogether (let me talk to you about Chrono Cross’s cast…), here are some picks that haven’t been mentioned.


Morrie - Dragon Quest VIII

This christmas card looking fuck is not only a pervy old man stereotype, but he is the pervy old man who also runs a cockfighting ring and basically the DQ8 equivalent of a strip club that forces his employees to dress like that.

I was appalled when he became a playable character in the 3DS version.

Amarant - Final Fantasy IX

Why is he even in the game?

Eiko - Final Fantasy IX

Annoying child :white_check_mark:
Terrible outfit :white_check_mark:
Has a backstory you literally could not care less about :white_check_mark:
Plot relevancy means that she gets a lot of screentime even though she is annoying af :white_check_mark:


Ken - Persona 3

Annoying child :white_check_mark:
Terrible outfit :white_check_mark:
Has a backstory you literally could not care less about :white_check_mark:
Plot relevancy means that she gets a lot of screentime even though she is annoying af :white_check_mark:
Is dateable in a version of the game which makes his inclusion EXTRA creepy :white_check_mark:

Azama - Fire Emblem: Fates

I hate this man.

Mulder - Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

Mulder is the only character in all of Fire Emblem that could lull me to sleep just by having me look at him. He doesn’t even need a sleep staff to do it.


Jansen - Lost Odyssey

I know a lot of people shit on the kids, but that lecherous shit waffle Jansen was the one who tried to get Ming drunk so he could have sex with her sooooo I’m gonna say him, “redemption” arc be damned.


oh if we’re counting fire emblem then I frickin hate soren (radiant dawn)
he’s an awful greasy racist and somehow vastly more people ship ike with him than with his wonderful catboy friend ranulf which is A Literal Crime

(also please be nice to ken, my son)


Soren was the first character I had deep gay feelings for. But if Radiant Dawn is where you meet him, I’d get it. His convo route with Ike in Path of Radiance is where he’s at his best and, like, all of his depth and complexity is stored. Radiant Dawn doesn’t really talk about anything from the previous games character wise, and everything new it introduces is lame or empty (except Meg the lucky lightning tank or Heather, lesbian thief, both of whom don’t get enough screentime).


Yosuke’s getting hammered and that’s good to me, but I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned Junpei from P3, who fills the same space in the group dynamics and has a similar leery vibe. Yosuke is objectively worse but Junpei irritates me way more for some reason (he’s extra shitty if you’re playing with the female mc if I remember correctly, that jackass).

Would also like to add my support for Ken, a good boy who did nothing wrong. His social link in the portable version of that game absolutely sucks though, especially since it sets you up as being a surrogate older sister to him in a way that I found really sweet before it swerves into gross territory.

Persona is a very frustrating series, as others have mentioned, because it’s such a fantastic core concept and mechanics-wise it’s so strong but the writing falls flat basically all the time. Super glad the director (and I believe the core writing team as well) are working on a different title now.


I hate the generic main character that is set out on a quest to be the best or to save thing, all while being devoid of any real emotion or have a character flaw that isn’t being a martyr or naive about the world.


Junpei manages to have an actual character arc not hidden away in an optional social link, plus they explore his inferiority complex fairly well. Haven’t played P3P’s girl MC mode so I can’t say what he’s like there.


I’m told Soren is more racist in path of radiance but, I haven’t played it myself, so I can’t really say. I will take your word for it, but continue to be incredibly bitter there’s so much more soren/ike stuff out there than ranulf/ike…

I agree entirely re Junpei tho. He’s kind of a jerk but in a way I find ultimately endearing. His sidekick resentment arc is great.


I did consider Junpei, but Junpei a little later in the game realizes he kind of sucks and acknowledges it? I didn’t complete his link when I did FeMC’s route (Which I did twice!), but I recall from my sister that it’s the only party social link in the game where regardless of your choices, you can never end up in a relationship with him.


Holy shit I forgot about Lost Odyssey. Wow.