Would you pay for Waypoint premium subscription?


I would definitely be willing to pay for the current Waypoint content (maybe with an extra “premium only” podcast) but it’s a bit of a chicken/egg situation. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable paying the same as I would for say, Giant Bomb, purely on the basis that Waypoint is no longer able to produce video content. However if money from a similar subscription model would allow them to do video as well as audio (if that’s even something they’d be interested in) then I would happily support a higher subscription fee.

What do you guys think?


Wait, since when can Waypoint not do video content? I clearly wasn’t paying attention.

Anyway, I would definitely do it, as Waypoint is the only outlet I consistently follow other than GB, but I imagine making video content all the time would be difficult without the support of freakin’ CBS.



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see here: Disconnect Between Forum and Site


Austin addresses this type of query recently (post citation):

The post that @juv3nal links to is also worth looking at too.




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So, I actually think something Austin touched on there is that it almost doesn’t matter how many people on the forums would. I would categorize anyone who actually went through the trouble of signing up for a forums account as a diehard fan of waypoint. Forums are, generally, full of the most passionate and involved people in any fanbase but are a small % of total users. I’m sure a lot of people here would be willing to pay for a premium subscription but I don’t know that is going to make the kind of business case they actually need for something like that.


I was thinking about this today and realized I would pay $10/month (Canadian) for a zine that featured stuff from the site’s favourite freelancers and artists. But it would need to be a physical item that they mail to my damn house. Or maybe it could be $20 quarterly like Killscreen was.

What I don’t want (or have time for) is a glorified Let’s Play subscription service like Giant Bomb premium.


I hadn’t even thought of something like a zine. That would be incredible!


Yup, I’d pay. Podcast sub, zine, video content, gimme :beers:

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I would love to, but as others have mentioned seems unlikely at least for the short-term due to all the issues with maintaining such a system. I would love to pay to get the Video content back ( I need to see Tactical Tuesdays come back ) and extra Podcast’s are always awesome. I would pay a sub in a heart beat, sounds like it’s something Austin is in favour of but reliant on the business case being there, hopefully at some point it is.

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Their twitch streaming is basically on hold indefinitely, so that’s not really going to do much other than maybe confuse someone at vice.